7 Reasons Why Intelligent People Face Difficulties In Having A Relationship

7 Reasons Why Intelligent People Face Difficulties In Having A Relationship

Intelligent people are usually the ones who have more trouble in finding love. It might sound weird, but cleverness can also be a disadvantage for someone who thinks a lot.

The following facts explain why sometimes it's so hard for intelligent people to fall in love and be in a serious relationship:

1) Intelligent people are more independent.

It's a fact that the more intelligent a person is the more they value independence as a trait. That's why they have a secret fear of commitment since they are afraid that a relationship may change their independent way of living. Of course that's not true. A serious, meaningful relationship will never damage your independence. If your partner truly loves you and respects you as well, then they will never try to control your life. Love is not like prison.

2) Intelligent people are more suspicious.

When you think too much, there's a possibility that you'll start thinking bad things. Sometimes intelligent people fill their minds with insecurities. They can't easily be fooled, but that's exactly because they're afraid of being fooled! They are too careful when they pick a partner or even a friend and that's why they end up being alone for long periods of time. Of course, being too naive isn't good either, but being too suspicious can only trouble you more.

3) Intelligent people focus more on their careers.

Smart people want to succeed in life and that's completely respectable. However, the fact that they focus on their job sometimes leaves them with no time left for having a social life. That's why smart people are the ones who are somewhat "late" to settle down. I don't really see anything bad with that, since we all choose to make some little "sacrifices".

4) Intelligent people tend to think too much.

Sometimes, intelligent people are the ones who hurt themselves in a relationship. They tend to analyse every minor subject, so they create bigger problems. Overthinking can sometimes lead to endless fights in a relationship. It's even worse if you don't fight and you keep everything inside you; then it feels like you will choke. Try to relax and don't think too much, because that only increased your anxiety.

5) Intelligent people are often perfectionists.

The previously mentioned characteristic of "thinking too much" is often combined with this one. Perfectionists want their lives - and, as a matter of fact, their relationships - to be completely flawless. You just need to understand that this is not always possible. In fact, most of the times your life will be imperfect. But isn't that the perfection of life?

6) Intelligent people don't fall in love that easily.

The reason is really simple: intelligent people value intelligence in others as well. So appearance is not really important. They need to truly know the other person, their hobbies and their personality, to decide if they're the one. That's understandable. However, if you are an intelligent person, you should be careful; if you waste too much time deciding if the other person is the right partner, they might run away and then you'll end up alone.

7) Intelligent people trust their minds more than their hearts.

A mind, especially a clever one, can sometimes confuse the heart. There are some simple moves to make your heart and mind work together: Firstly, learn the advantages and disadvantages of the mind. To a certain point, rational thinking is beneficial, but it can sometimes go overboard. Then, learn to discern your heart from your rational mind. Listen to your heart. Your inner voice may not always be clear, but it’s trying to tell you something. Learn how to listen to it. To start, you’ll need to temporarily drown out our rational thought processes and focus on the voice.

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  1. What about how intelligent People tendens to over-analyze every situation?

  2. a bit more balance would be nice. Surer, one can overthink, but the basic assumption of this article seems to be that one can only be happy if in a relationship - who says that intelligent people cannot be happy single too?
    Furthermore 'the heart' is often substituted for ones emotions, but intelligent people can know that not all emotions are genuine and reliable. There is a big difference between falling in love/ being infatuated, and true love. Not all cases of infatuation turn into lasting love, with substance,independence etc. Obviously I do not want to booboo on anyone's fulfilled relationship - if one finds someone to truly be happy with - great! But intelligent people learn from the past, they know that unfulfilled relationships, that exist merely for the sake of being in a relationship, but are more compromise than love - can cost more energy than generate energy and fulfillment (plus potentially block one from finding true love) . There can be more happiness in being single, than being in a mediocre, or bad relationship!

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