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Sunday, October 18, 2015

10 Signs You Suffer From Anxiety

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10 Signs You Suffer From Anxiety

Dear reader, I hope you're not anxious like me, for your own good. But if you are, then you will totally get this article.

Anxiety is one of the worst feelings a human can have. It can control your life and make it more difficult than it is. Our lives can be funny but hard at the same time.

So I decided to list some of the most annoying things for an anxious person.

Check them out:

1) Time is your biggest enemy. You just can't understand the fact that you always have a million things to do while there's so little time.

2) You have a hard time falling asleep. Insomnia is your middle name. Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep is associated with a wide range of health conditions, both physical and psychological.

3) Journeys are your thing. You need to plan every single detail when you're going on a journey.

4) You are always late.

5) ... Or you belong to the second category:
you always arrive way too early.

6) You are afraid of socializing. You also regularly practice conversations in great detail before you actually have them. However, you should know that social anxiety is a sign of intelligence.

7) People worry about your health and your nutrition. Even worse, people advise you not to be anxious. Thank you, that's so useful!

8) There are some days when you wish your brain could shut up. You overthink everything, in general.

9) You could become a scriptwriter. Especially if it is for a drama movie or a thriller. That's because you are always expecting the worst scenario. For example, sending a text and not hearing back immediately can make you feel like the world is ending. This will remind you of your situation.

10) You are a control freak. For example, even if you checked roughly seven times, you’re never ever really sure if you locked a door. You have a checklist of things you’re SURE you forgot to do, even though you probably didn’t.

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