7 Basic Differences Between Loving And Being In Love With Somebody

7 Basic Differences Between Loving And Being In Love With Somebody

When you are in a relationship, you certainly need to love your partner. However, being in love is something different than loving someone. It's not easy for everyone to understand the differences between the two. Here are some basic things that differ:

1) Love can last forever.

True love is a feeling that lasts forever. True love is caring a lot about the other person and that's something that cannot change. On the other hand, you can fall out of love with a person. That doesn't mean that your love for them disappears. You can always love them, just in a different way.

2) Love is unconditional.

A person who is in love can easily become selfish. When you are in love with somebody you want them to be "yours" and that's something that can often make you jealous. In addition, if you break up with the person whom you're in love with, you'll be sad or even angry if they find someone else. But if you truly love them, you'll find the strength to feel happy for their happiness, even if it secretly hurts you.

3) Love comes later in a relationship.

Some people say that it takes some time to fall in love. Some others believe in love at first sight. In any occasion, falling in love can happen early in a relationship while truly loving your partner needs time.

4) Love means you truly know your partner.

They say that love is blind, but the truth is that, sometimes, it's being in love that can make you blind. You can fall in love with someone even if you don't know them very well; you can simply fall in love with a part of their personality. That's why when you're in love, you are often unaware of some of your partner's flaws. On the contrary, when you love somebody, you love them because you truly know them. You love their advantages and their flaws.

5) Love means sharing.

By the word "sharing", I don't mean just sharing objects or clothes. I mean that you aren't afraid of sharing your feelings and your secrets. Shyness and aloofness have nothing to do with true love. In true love you are both open to each other, because you are soulmates.

6) Love isn't necessarily lust.

When you're in love with someone, all that you can think about is having sex with them. When you love them, it's not necessary. There are couples who love each other, but they don't often want each other. Of course, it's the best when you love somebody and you're in love with them at the same time!

7) It's easier to settle down when you love somebody.

I disagree with people who want to get married and have a family with someone they're not in love with. However, being in love isn't enough, because it doesn't mean that you can really communicate with your partner. Loving somebody is the key that can make you feel sure of every plan and every decision you make. Both loving and being in love with someone is perfect if you want your relationship to last.

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