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Sunday, September 20, 2015

What Happens When People Realize How Their Loved Ones Rate Them

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What Happens When People Realize How Their Loved Ones Rate Them

We are often our own harshest critics, but that can sometimes hold us back. By asking people’s loved ones to rate their level of “success,” this social experiment shows us that we often seem more successful to others than to ourselves.

The video, which was created by Strayer University and Aplus, is part of a campaign to literally redefine the word “success” by petitioning the Merriam Webster English dictionary. According to Strayer University, 90% of Americans associate success with happiness rather than “the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame,” which is the current Merriam-Webster definition of success. If you agree with their campaign, be sure to sign their petition!

The people in the video were often surprised to see how their loved ones rated them, so remember – we should let our loved ones know what we think of them more often and we might often be more successful than we realize!

Source: Bored Panda via Idealist Revolution

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1 comment:

  1. The moment that you begin - RATING Yourself, You begin comparing, comparing to superficial values that have been put in Your mind by the Matrix of control - education, news, television, advertising, propoganda like this. Actual Happiness is only attained when You are doing truly what You Love to Do and You really feel Good about what and how You are doing. When Your work brings joy to the people that it touches, that is when You begin multiplying Your and Each Other's Joy, Love & Happiness.


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