What Is Your Subconscious Obsessed With? – MIND GAME

What Is Your Subconscious Obsessed With? – MIND GAME

You’re probably obsessed with a few things that you’re consciously aware of, but what is your subconscious obsessed with?

Does the color red pop into your mind everywhere you look, even when gazing at a brilliant blue sky, or perhaps you grab the remote instead of your keys when you’re about to leave?

While those are obvious signs of a subconscious obsession, what about those that are more subtle?

How do you make the subconscious, conscious? While that question has been asked by science and religion, there has never really been a definitive answer. Because of that, this quiz was developed, and some say it may even succeed where humankind has failed.

Taking this quiz may reveal the deepest secrets of your subconsciousness, opening up a whole new world – so, what is your subconscious obsessed with?

Source: Ideaspots

What Is Your Subconscious Obsessed With? – MIND GAME What Is Your Subconscious Obsessed With? – MIND GAME Reviewed by Κατερίνα Παπ on 1:09 PM Rating: 5


  1. Results were waaay off. Says my subconscious mind is obsessed with sex, lol. I am what is referred as "A sexual", meaning I could care less if I ever have sex. This quiz is very incorrect!

  2. Yeah..... not unhappy with the results

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  4. I think it hit it right on the button. On a personal level I tend to give and give for personal acceptance. But what I've heard and been told that if it doesn't pertain to me or I haven't heard anything then it shouldn't bother me.the only person I should worry about is me and not what others think.if I am who I am that's who and they can't accept it then oh well.


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