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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

QUIZ: 96% Of People Can’t Pass This Color IQ Test

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QUIZ: 96% Of People Can’t Pass This Color IQ Test

Do you pride yourself on how good you are with color, and what does this really mean? The quiz you are about to take below, does a very accurate job of assessing your color IQ; this aptitude encapsulates many aspects of, both your knowledge of the basics and nuances of color, as well as your color memory.

You will be shown images of colors which are numbered, and you will be asked to pick from multiple choice responses: When mixing two colors which color do you get?; Which color is not a primary color?; Which is a secondary color?; Which is the opposite of a particular color on the color wheel?; After staring at an image of many colors for 5 seconds, you will be asked to go to the next slide and your color memory will be tested, etc.

I pride myself on my color IQ and I did well, but I can honestly tell you that I found many questions on this quiz quite challenging. Do you think that your results will reveal an exceptionally high HIGH COLOR IQ?; quickly being able to identify different shades and colors as a consequence of being a visual learner, who stores color in your memory with an excellent able to retrieve. Perhaps you have an OK EYE FOR COLORS; being more of an auditory learner, you know the basics of color, but miss the more nuanced tones and shades of color. Do you have a BELOW AVERAGE COLOR IQ?; you might be color blind, or just not have the ability to differentiate between colors that are similar in hue. Take the quiz and let us know how you do.

Let us know your results in the comments below. Did you pass?

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Source: Sun Gazing via Idealist4ever

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