Mind Game: What Level Of Intuition Do You Have?

What Level Of Intuition Do You Have?
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Intuition. It’s something that we all possess and use every single day of our lives. It’s not a one size fits all type of trait, but rather one that manifests and shows itself in different ways.

The word Intuition is defined by the online Oxford English Dictionary as “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.” In the modern world it’s commonly linked to our gut instincts and what we sense, feel, and know to be right. Oftentimes we struggle to explain why we chose to act a certain way or how we arrived at conclusions, because our intuition immediately kicked in and led us to do that thing or think that way.

It’s hard to truly grasp exactly what intuition is, let alone try to fully explain it. Perhaps that’s why Albert Einstein summed it up best when he said “the only real valuable thing is intuition,” and Jonas Salk further elaborated upon this when he said, “intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next.” Two of the world’s brightest minds, modern day geniuses, gave intuition a lot of credit and respect because they listened to their own and recognized its worth.

There are four different possibilities and each one of them has its advantages. The first level is gut instincts, the type you feel and anticipate. The second level is heart based intelligence, which is a more emotional connection to both yourself and others around you. The third level is visionary power, it’s an extra-sensory and metaphysical type of intuition. And finally the fourth level is a connection to universal wisdom, which is a hyper awareness of everything surrounding us and how it interacts and relates to the future and our destiny. Each of these four levels is elaborated on more in depth and once you get your quiz results you can learn more about your type if intuition. Have fun, enjoy, and don’t forget to share and compare your results!

Do you wish to discover what type, or level, of intuition you have? Read on and take the quiz to find out.

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