One Year After Murder Of Journalist Who Had Revealed ISIS-Turkey-US Link, MSM, WH Silent [Video]

One Year After Murder Of Journalist Who Had Revealed ISIS-Turkey-US Link, MSM, WH Silent [Video] - In Memory of Serena Shim

It has been a year since American reporter Serena Shim was killed on the 19th of October 2014. She was investigating the thousands of foreign jihadists who used Turkey as a stepping stone into Syria, a fact that even Joe Biden would admit on the 2nd of October.

Her investigations led her down a dangerous path (the truth is after all the most dangerous type of news to acquire) leading to the procurement of video evidence proving that the West was assisting ISIS, after her reporting had already revealed that Turkey was collaborating with ISIS.

It is unknown when exactly she had recorded the footage, or what happened to it, because Turkish authorities seized all of her belongings; even her passport and wedding ring were kept by the Turkish police.

Shim and her cousin Judy Irish were apparently hit by a truck as they turned into the opposite lane of a highway access road in their rental car. Shim’s family believe that the Turkish government was behind the incident- it had earlier claimed that it could not find the vehicle that had caused the accident, only to claim two DAYS later that it was a cement truck.

From RT:
“There are so many different stories. The first story was that Serena’s car was hit by a heavy vehicle who proceeded to keep on driving,” Fatemeh Shim told RT.

She added that Turkey couldn’t find the vehicle nor could they find a driver.

“Two days later, surprisingly they [Turkish authorities] have found the vehicle and the driver and had pictures of the heavy vehicle heading my sister’s car.”

The cousins were taken to TWO DIFFERENT hospitals, some 25 miles apart. Shim was reported dead at the scene, only to have died again of heart failure half an hour later- her family believe that she was taken to a military base before being sent to the hospital.

“Serena and my cousin, who was the driver of the car, were taken to different hospitals. She was reported first dead at the scene, then later reports said that she passed away at the hospital 30 minutes later from heart failure. It’s just very confusing.”

Despite the deafening amount of coverage for ISIS-beheaded American journalists such as James Foley, Shim’s death received no coverage- not even one major American mainstream media company would report her death; Barack Obama would not even mention her death, and the State Department would not investigate her death. Why? Because unlike the others, her death did not fit the official narrative.

“Being killed is scary, Mom…going to jail is not scary. It sucks, but it’s not scary,” Shim in a final audio message.

ONE day before being killed, Shim had reported live that she was being investigated by Turkish intelligence service MIT ( the OTHER MIT) for being a spy- based on how her REPORTING of the war did not mesh with what they wanted reported.

MIT was looking for her in the border regions of Suruc- even ordering people living there to tell them if they spotted her.

Shim was reporting on the siege in Kobani, where Syrian Kurds and the Syrian army were fighting ISIS. Her reporting near the city of Hatay revealed proof that ISIS was using UN World Food Program vehicles in a convoy, evidence that would never be seen because the Turkish government took her footage after killing- I mean, she was killed.

“We were some of the first people on the ground –if not the first people – to get that story of…militants going in through the Turkish border…I’ve got images of them in World Food Organization trucks. It was very apparent that they were militants by their beards, by the clothes they wore, and they were going in there with NGO trucks,” Serena Shim.

Below is her final video and last words to the People.

In the video, Shim sounds flustered and states that she was worried, because Turkey had imprisoned the most journalists in the world according to Reporters Without Borders, which had called it the ‘World’s biggest prison’ for media. She had spoken with a lawyer, and was prepared if Turkey attempted to arrest her. Unfortunately, what the Turkish government did to her was something that no lawyer could have defended her from.

Funny how many “coincidences” there are, involving journalists being killed in car crashes just days or even hours after they claimed that some government spy agency was after them

Sources:, RT, Global Research, Anonhq

One Year After Murder Of Journalist Who Had Revealed ISIS-Turkey-US Link, MSM, WH Silent [Video] One Year After Murder Of Journalist Who Had Revealed ISIS-Turkey-US Link, MSM, WH Silent [Video] Reviewed by Unknown on 1:14 PM Rating: 5

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