Syrian Girl "Surrenders" In Front Of The Camera Mistaking It For A Gun!

Syrian Girl Surrenders In Front Of The Camera Mistaking It For A Gun!

A little child's photograph became viral under the hashtag #Surrended. It's a Syrian girl, according to the photographer who uploaded the picture on Twitter. This girl has experienced the civil war. She has grown up drowning in fear. She has repeatedly seen guns in her everyday life. So, when the photographer tries to take her picture, the little girl thinks that he wants to shoot her with a gun! That's why she raises her hands up high to "surrender".

This single photograph can depict war's horror through a child's eyes. That's why the picture became viral really quickly.
photojournalist took this photo 4 Syrian child, thought he has a weapon not a camera so she Gave up ! #Surrended
— Nadia AbuShaban (@NadiaAbuShaban) March 24, 2015
Nadia AbuShaban is the photographer and reporter who shared the photo on Twitter on March 24th. The retweets became more than 10,000! The reporter mentions that the little kid is a girl ("she gave up"), but some media mention that it's a boy. In addition, some media state that the photographer is Oshan Sagirli, a Turkish reporter.

Syrian Girl "Surrenders" In Front Of The Camera Mistaking It For A Gun! Syrian Girl "Surrenders" In Front Of The Camera Mistaking It For A Gun! Reviewed by Unknown on 5:14 AM Rating: 5


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