Watch What The Spanish People Did For Greece!

Watch What the Spanish Did For Greece! - ¡Todos somos Grecia! - Είμαστε όλοι Ελλάδα - We're all Greece!

Their warm sympathy to the Greek people expressed in their own way, once again, the Spanish people.

The Spanish citizens' committee to control debt sympathizes with Greece, through a video they made and uploaded to their page.

The committee also created a special blog ( in order its members to keep track of the Debt Audit Commission set up by the Greek chairman of the Parliament, Life Konstantopoulou.

The «Auditamos Grecia» is sending the message from their website to the Greek people: "You are not alone! We are all Greece!"

In the video, participants speak Greek and have their hands on cards also written in Greek. "From the squares, we want to send a message to the citizens of Greece," starts the video.

Support video for Greek citizens and the "Truth Committee" doing the Audit of Greek Public Debt.
(Use the subtitles in the video)

Source: Auditamos Grecia

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