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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Los Angeles is Turning Old Motels Into 500 Apartments for Homeless Vets

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Los Angeles is Turning Old Motels Into 500 Apartments for Homeless Vets

If you’ve been to Los Angeles in the past five years or so, then you know just how much of a homeless problem the city has. What’s even worse is that so many of these homeless folks are veterans who once served our country.

In an effort to house these homeless veterans, the City of Los Angeles has a new plan to renovate old motels and hospitals, turning them into 500 new apartments for homeless veterans.

How will it work? First, developers purchase the rundown properties and build them into the efficiency apartments discussed above. Then, homeless veterans will use vouchers, gained from the Department of Veteran Affairs, to pay for their rent.

The vouchers given to the homeless vets expire after 15 years, and the deal is set up so that landlords will earn a profit as well. Not to mention, residents of these abodes are eligible for supportive services like case management and counseling.

This is easily recognizable as a step in the right direction after learning, from the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, that there were 2,733 homeless veterans on any given night in the city last year.

“Instead of allowing blighted properties to decay, let’s use them to make powerful change in our communities by giving our veterans the access to services and housing that they need and deserve,” Mayor Eric Garcetti said in a statement.

The announcement of this new plan to help homeless veterans comes after the city failed to deliver on its promise to end veteran homelessness by the end of last year.

Source: Heart Centered Rebalancing

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