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Monday, October 26, 2015

Manchester United Football Stars Buy Hotel, Welcome Homeless To Stay For Winter

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Manchester United Football Stars Buy Hotel, Welcome Homeless To Stay For Winter

Thanks to the kindness of two pro football players, at least 30 homeless individuals will have a warm place to stay this winter.

Here’s positive news you don’t hear every day!

Manchester United football stars, Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs, have purchased a building in the UK they intend to renovate, and have agreed to allow a group of homeless individuals take up temporary residence in the enclosure to stay warm during the winter.

As BBC reports, the good samaritans recently purchased the £1.5 million Stock Exchange building and plan to transform it into a boutique hotel come spring. During the winter, however, a homeless advocacy group called the Manchester Angels will use the building to shelter 30 young men. The organization also intends to bring in social services that can benefit the homeless folk, such as recovery programs and health care.

Wes Hall, one of the homeless activists who spoke to Channel 4 News, said he burst into tears as soon as he received the call from Neville, the Manchester United coach.
“To us, this is a lifeline; this is saving lives throughout the winter period,” he said.
Manchester United Football Stars Buy Hotel, Welcome Homeless To Stay For Winter

Because construction isn’t set to begin until February, the Manchester Angels will utilize the space to create a temporary safe haven for homeless individuals to escape the frigid weather. The group will maintain it, too. The activists will be documenting their care of the building, with the intention to leave it in better condition than when they arrived.

The Manchester Angels are calling the building the “Sock Exchange”, for their goal of collecting clothing for the homeless. Watch the video above to learn more, and comment your thoughts below!

Source: True Activist

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