December the 9th - Day against genocides

December the 9th - Day against genocides

Decision of Humanity

The choice of December 9th for the anniversary of all Genocides is a decision of Humanity. Of course in a practical level, the decision was made with the initiative of Armenia and this shows that armenity constitutes the spearhead in the field of human rights with regards to the concept of Genocide. But it is a decision which continues the work of Raphael Lemkin who invented the word Genocide to characterize the unbelievable. It is simultaneously a foundational application of the Rights of Humanity. The important fact is that the implementation derived from the United Nations and a total of 84 countries chose to give the majority of their support to this significant humane decision. In other words it isn't about something local which concerns merely some societies, but something general which is capable in influencing also the next humans and not only the current ones, because it concerns work with a trace in Time. And within this concept it is important as a step for the Rights of Humanity. Now this date has to be made widely known so that it be utilized in the upcoming December 9th, wherever we are, so that even more know that the struggle for the recognitions of Genocides and the penalization of the denials, namely the prohibition of barbarity is not a local issue but a humane one which concerns all of us since we all belong to Humanity.

Decision of Humanity - December 9th: Day against genocide - Prohibition of Barbarity

Mankind Rights.
One candle stops the darkness.
Human lights, light of Mankind.
The candles of Mankind.
You killed the Past, but we are the Future.
Each candle is the light for Mankind.
No negotiation with genociders.
Justice against genocide.
No more tears, no more fears, we belong to Mankind.
You can kill the victims, but not the crime.

Nikos Lygeros - Pamphlet, Day against genocides

December the 9th - Day against genocides

9 Δεκεμβρίου - Ημέρα Κατά των Γενοκτονιών

9 Декабря - День против геноцидов

Nikos Lygeros - Slogans for December the 9th

New slogans for December the 9th

Nikos Lygeros – Quotes VII, Genocide

Credits: Nikos Lygeros (1),(2),(3)

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