Two Cows Explain The World Economy Better Than Any Professor

Two Cows Explain The World Economy Better Than Any Professor Two Cows Explain The World Economy Better Than Any Professor Reviewed by Katerina Pap on 12:13 AM Rating: 5


  1. You got Socialism totally wrong. The Government buys the cow, sells the milk to you for the cost of production and administration, without giving away profits to a capitalist.

    Think about it. The US Highway System, The University System, The Post Office and the Military are all socialist institutions. How does your analogy apply?

  2. LOVE the "definition" of Capitalism...You got Socialism COMPLETELY WRONG (you are actually describing CHARITY)...>>>In Socialism, the government deems you only need one cow, then they take your other cow and they give it to someone else (who did not work to earn the cow like you did)....not quite the altruistic model people think it is...😉

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  4. Another example is what's happening in factories where previously it may have taken 5 people to build a car and it now takes one person operating a machine.
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