Two Cows Explain The World Economy Better Than Any Professor

Two Cows Explain The World Economy Better Than Any Professor Two Cows Explain The World Economy Better Than Any Professor Reviewed by Unknown on 12:13 AM Rating: 5


  1. You got Socialism totally wrong. The Government buys the cow, sells the milk to you for the cost of production and administration, without giving away profits to a capitalist.

    Think about it. The US Highway System, The University System, The Post Office and the Military are all socialist institutions. How does your analogy apply?

  2. LOVE the "definition" of Capitalism...You got Socialism COMPLETELY WRONG (you are actually describing CHARITY)...>>>In Socialism, the government deems you only need one cow, then they take your other cow and they give it to someone else (who did not work to earn the cow like you did)....not quite the altruistic model people think it is...😉

    1. 100 likes. Hit the nail on the head.

    2. Yup! Susanne Miller got it right.

    3. Socialism is more like the state determines who has an excessive amount of necessary resources and who has less resources than they need to survive, and balances it out. In a true socialist model, not everything would be equal, but everybody would be above the line of poverty.

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  4. Another example is what's happening in factories where previously it may have taken 5 people to build a car and it now takes one person operating a machine.
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  7. Yougoslavian corporation through history : before WW2 you had two cows, during the war you participate in Titos partisan ( comunist ) guerrilla to fight against nazi german ocupators and their fellow Croatian fascist, after the war comunists nationalized bought of your cows, and you wait about 45 years to Croat nationalists to rise again becouuse they promise that they will give back all the nationalised property's to their original owners, you vote them they win the elections go to war for independence with the rest of Yugoslavia and win the war, but to finance the war instead of giving your cows back to you they sold them to a enterpreneur now you are old and tired and dead in few years ( that's happened to my grand mothers brothers with a boat they used to own )

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  10. Pakistani Corporation:
    You have two cows. One of them dies because of your neglect. You cut both of the cows sold the dead cow's meat in the market and cooked the good cow for the party. You invited all of your buddies to have a curry party. Next day you lied to your employees and the government that both of your Cows died. You ask your employees to donate some some money for the sake of God to buy two more cows to keep everyone employed. You take that money and fire all of employees and move the money to a Swiss account. 10 years later you come back to the country and open a new company with a different name.

  11. Russian Corporation:
    You have two cows. You forced them under a gun to produce vodka not milk. And angrily when that did not happen you shoot one right in the head and the other you send to Siberia. After that you are perfectly convinced that you don't need a cow but a TANK!


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