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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

This Animation Will Explain To You Plato's Philosophy In Almost 3 Minutes

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This Animation Will Explain You Plato's Philosophy In Almost 3 Minutes

There was once a man called Plato who developed a philosophy that clearly dictates the limited perspectives of the conditioned mind and how our perceptions are created and accepted. If you didn't understand that philosophy before, then this video will help you find out what Plato really meant.

This Animation Will Explain You Plato's Philosophy In Almost 3 Minutes

Plato's allegory of the cave is nothing but a metaphor for our prospective of reality. For many people, shadows on a wall display the reality as experienced. However, there is a light above the cave. It might blind those who are not used to it, but only for a while. After that, they will be able to see clear and understand that reality is not only what they've known until now, but also what they can gain through new experiences. And that is knowledge.

You need to pass the limit, leave the cave and let the light blind you a little, before you feel smart and powerful. But isn't it worth the try?

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