15 Facts About Creative People

15 Facts About Creative People

Creative people are somewhat unusual. There’s something charming about them, because creativity works in mysterious ways. Inspiration can suddenly appear when we don't need it, but it can also disappear when we need it the most. Of course, not all creative people can use their artistic nature for good purposes. Creative thinking is a stable, defining characteristic in some personalities, but it may also change based on situation and context. Creativity requires complex cognition yet is completely distinct from the thinking process.

The following list refers to everyone who is creative in their own way!

1. Creative people are very emotional. That's why they use art to express themselves, to express their feelings. Creativity is their way to say everything that words can't say.

2. Creative people have their own personal view for the world. They tend to see and react to things differently and they even tend to get excited over things other people find worthless. For example, many photographers choose extraordinary subjects to photograph, like insects or fallen leaves or forks etc.

3. Creative people take care of their appearance and style, because they like to seem... creative! They wear unique clothes or they dress in many bright colors. Of course, there are many creative people who like to focus on their art and hate to think that art and clothes can be connected.

4. Creative people like challenges. They can easily think of ways of solving a difficult situation, because difficulties stimulate their artistic thoughts.

5. Creative people daydream a lot. That's why they seem to be introverts. There are many reasons why they love spending time on their own. Daydreaming is one of them for sure!

6. Creative people are often messy. They like their place to be full of things they love and also... creative things, such as colors for a painter or an instrument for a musician. A too tidy room could bore them.

7. Creative people can be a little lost in space. This means that they don't have a good sense of time, they are often late for their meetings and they're usually found lost in their thoughts.

8. Creative people can be moody. As I previously noted, they're very emotional, which means they can turn from excited to disappointed. Their smile can easily change into tears. That's why you have to be careful on how you act towards them.

9. Creative people observe everything. To their opinion, the world is an oyster where they are constantly taking in information that becomes fodder for creative expression.

10. Creative people dislike rules, because they set their own! Many of them act like rebels, because they really don't want anything to set boundaries to their artistic nature.

11. Creative people get easily bored. They need to stay stimulated in order to stay active. They won’t focus on something they don’t like.

12. Creative people seek out new experiences. They love to expose themselves to new sensations and states of mind. They also love to travel alone - and a lot! This openness is a significant predictor of creative output.

13. Creative people are somewhat childish. They really tend to watch the world with the eyes of a child. There’s a part of them that never grows up, and maybe this is the real secret, observing the world with the eyes of a kid.

14. Creative people are often told by others to search for a "real" job. A job that can actually bring them some money. But, as you've already realized, those artists want to follow their dreams!

15. Creative people will listen to their heart after all. Even if often their mind thinks otherwise, creative people are more likely to worry less about problems and take more risks. This can brings to a thousand fails, but a million success stories too. And that's a reason what make them special.

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