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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Your country's average IQ (and more rankings you didn't know)

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Your country's average IQ (and more rankings you didn't know)

We humans are always comparing ourselves to one another. But how does the country you live in compare to those around it?

How does your country compare in terms of IQ, or average shoe size? These are the important things we want to know. The UK website compiles lists of various metrics about things like the human body, psyche, and general aspects of our environment for easy comparison with one another. You don't need a high-level course in statistics, or anything. It's just a bit of fun!

How does your IQ stack up?

Here's the OnAverage data on the following countries' average IQ scores:

Your country's average IQ (and more rankings you didn't know)

So, where do you come in? My own place of birth scores pretty averagely, along with all the other Western European countries I see on the list.

It's important to note that scores like these don't necessarily measure intelligence, but are an amalgamation of innate intelligence, reasoning skills and

Why do we care to compare?

Why are we so fascinated by comparing ourselves with other people? Finding out that something about you is "perfectly average" can be comforting, and in some cases, pretty frustrating.

I think it plays into one of the fundamental aspects of the human psyche. We're constantly worried whether we measure up to the people around us, and even more to the people we aspire to emulate.

For instance, next time you start to feel anxious when you're browsing Facebook, or scrolling through your Instagram friends' accounts, take a step back and wonder why that is. More often than not we're subconscously comparing ourselves to those around us, and when you feel one of those acid-like pangs, it means that you feel like you can't measure up to other people's happiness. It's not uncommon – in fact – whenever you feel like this, just remember that the people you're envious probably get the same anxiety from Facebook and other social networks. Why else would they advertise their happiness to such an extent?

Smiles and grimaces has loads of other statistics that are at least as interesting. Depending on the kind of person you are, some of these will make you a tad happier than others. So why not have a look and tell us, does this list make you go:

Or did it make you wanna go...

Source: Science Dump

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  1. Hong Kong is not a country, it's a city in China.

    1. it is a country, its own currency, own language, own passport, own government.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, a test designed by Europeans but they only have an average score.


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