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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What It's Like To Be In A Romantic Relationship When You Suffer From Depression

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What It's Like To Be In A Romantic Relationship When You Suffer From Depression

Some people say that one can never be loved unless they firstly learn to love themselves. However, that's really cruel for somebody who suffers from depression. Unfortunately, depressed people often forget what "loving yourself" actually means. This of course doesn't mean that they don't deserve love or that they can never truly love and be loved. On the contrary; loving someone means that you don't only love them on the good times. When a couple is truly in love, then they appreciate each other for what they really are.

Loving yourself isn't easy and, sometimes, it's a major reason why people get depressed. However, a depressed person can live and love too. Actually, true love can sometimes be the "cure" for a tortured soul.

This is a message to all people who suffer from depression and think that they don't deserve to be in a romantic relationship. That usually happens because depressed people feel guilty for their situation and, sometimes, they are afraid that their partner won't be able to be patient for them. That's not true. In fact, love means exactly caring for the other person, loving their flaws and helping them to feel good when they don't. You don't choose to be with someone just because everything is easy. Sometimes, a troubled mind is more attractive than a person who is always jolly and care-free. You see, a depressed person, even though he/she faces a really hard situation, he/she also hides a sensitive heart and a beautiful, yet confused, mind. A depressed person is actually strong; he/she just hasn't realized it yet.

It's understandable that being the depressed one in a relationship - or being with a depressed person as well - isn't easy. It needs compromises, patience, understanding. But, then again, is there any relationship that doesn't require all these stuff? Remember to be there for your loved ones and appreciate it when they are there for you; that's what it's all about!

Sometimes being depressed can make you frightened that you may push the other person over the edge. That's also understandable. You fear that you, crying for no reason or even being mad for no reason, may test your partner's patience. However, if they still love you and show it every single minute, maybe you should think that you deserve to be loved. After all, maybe that's what can help you love yourself as well; you should also see that you're beautiful, you know! If your partner does see your beauty, they can't be that wrong, can they?

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