10 Reasons Why Spending A Year Being Single Is Actually Great

10 Reasons Why Spending A Year Being Single Is Actually Great

Being in a relationship is great, as long as there is love, communication, and understanding between the two. However, people need to understand that they don't necessarily need a good relationship to feel complete. A person should be fulfilled even if they're single. We all need to realize that being alone and feeling lonely are two entirely different things.

So, here are 10 basic reasons why you need to spend a year of your life being completely single.

1) You spend more time with yourself.

If you think that's an insignificant reason why you should be single for some time in your life, then you're completely mistaken! Spending time by yourself and with yourself, helps you to get to know you better and to love the real you more. You can also start discovering things you truly enjoy doing, and you don't need or don't want a company to do them, such as reading books, writing poetry, exercising or even going to the movies alone. Don't underestimate the time you spend on your own. Remember that yourself is all you've got in the end!

2) You travel more.

Unfortunately, while being in a relationship, most people choose to spend so much time with their partner, so that in the end they end up following a particular everyday routine. That's not necessarily bad, but I think people should travel a lot in their lives, no matter what. Of course, some couples travel together or with friends, but it's completely different to travel on your own since you discover many new things about all the new places you visit. Don't hesitate - it's a really nice thing to do.

3) You flirt.

Flirting is good for you. It boosts your confidence, so that, when you're ready, you can build a new relationship easily, without always fearing of getting hurt. It's, also, not bad to flirt with new people and even date them, if you like them. It's part of knowing which type of partner suits you better.

4) You focus on your career.

Sometimes, the combination of love and work can be tough. Some people manage to keep the right balance, but, the truth is, that it needs a lot of effort. Especially if your job is challenging and you want to be promoted, it's an excellent idea to spend a year focusing on your career. You won't regret it later when you'll be ready to settle down.

5) You spend more time with your friends.

Don't underestimate the importance of friendship. We often tend to spend less and less time with our mates when we are in a relationship. That's understandable at some point. But when we break up, we value the importance of friendship again. Remember that true friends will stay forever in your life no matter what. The time you spend with them is always precious.

6) You spend less money.

All those never-ending phone calls and text messages are so sweet, but, seriously, who could spend so much money forever? Not to mention the presents every now and then. Besides, when you are in a relationship, you go out a lot, because you want to see your partner, your friends, their friends, etc. Being alone is, if anything, much more economical than being in a relationship.

7) You "break up" with technology.

Since you don't need to be on Facebook/Viber/Skype/your mobile phone all the time, you start valuing life without technology. At least you're not that dependent on technology. I think it sounds good. Aside from occasionally updating your tweets, Instagram posts, and Facebook statuses, social media hardly matters anymore; you’ll have no one you feel the need to check up on, and it will feel liberating.

8) You meet new people.

When you were in a relationship, you were barely free to hang out with whoever you wanted. Now, however, you’re free! Free to meet new people and to develop new friendships. You’re young. Enjoy everything while you still can. And always remember to make friends first because relationships can always wait.

9) You care for your appearance more.

Some people say that when you're in a relationship, you want to be pretty all the times of the day. However, if you're in a relationship for over two years, it's not like that anymore. You are close to the other person, and you both love each other for who they are, not for what they look like. That's good, but have you ever heard of couples who are getting fat? I think it's time for you to start exercising again!

10) You don't need to compromise anymore.

Classic relationship advice dictates that compromise, sacrifice is essential to a healthy relationship. Perhaps if you've been in a relationship before, you realize how much stuff you had to give up to make that relationship work. Or maybe you forgot about that thing because you're focused on the things you miss. Well, this is a good time to shift that focus. A relationship can add many good things to your life, but it also adds some rigidity, so take the time to appreciate your current flexibility.

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