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Friday, August 22, 2014

This One-Minute Video Is Probably The Best Robin Williams Tribute!

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This One-Minute Video Is Probably The Best Robin Williams Tribute!

Since a lot of posts about Robin Williams are being noticed lately, it's getting quite clear that this man connected to a lot of people during his life. It is also this type of situations that put our own mortality in context, when we see someone who seemed so permanent gone in an instant, it could make us realize how fragile life is.

The fact that he committed suicide, if he truly did so, shows that noone can really know the struggle that other people are going through, even if they seem to be happy. This should be a time for us to remember that everyone fights everyday, regardless of how the world may perceive their lives, and we must always keep this in mind during our interactions with others.

You should be more patient and understanding with others, because you could never know what their true problems are. And you should also give the a little bit more love!

Source: True Activist

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