Do You Want To Know An Easy Way To Win Arguments? Use The Socratic Method!

Do You Want To Know An Easy Way To Win Arguments? Use The Socratic Method!

Socrates was one of the most intelligent people ever alive. As a matter of fact, he is responsible for much of the modern way of thinking. Considered to be one of the founders of Western philosophy, as well as the man who inspired Plato's works, Socrates left an impressive legacy and, also, contributed directly to many concepts regarding morality and 'the self'.

What makes Socrates still great in our times, is the fact that his ideas are still relevant. For instance, many people still recommend the famous 'Socratic method' as a great way to win arguments in debates. So, if you want to employ this method to your advantage, just continue reading below.

The basic idea behind the Socratic method is very simple; just ask lots of questions. The purpose is to dilute heated discussions, by placating your accusers, and ultimately bring them to a satisfactory conclusion.

Let's say, for instance, that you come home late from work only to find your partner shouting at you. Now you may be tempted by saying that it's not that late or that you can come home whenever you want, but the only thing you will achieve is to make them even angrier.

Instead, you could employ the Socratic method and begin asking questions around the topic to try to cool the situation. Now you may try asking your partner why they're so angry or what you should've done differently. This kind of questions could prevent an outright dispute. Having to deal with these logical questions, your partner might reflect on their own anger and possibly conclude that they are overreacting. Also, by asking them questions instead of trying to justify yourself, you show them that you are hearing what they are saying and you give them a chance to vent without being so angry.

Of course, you can use the Socratic method in every kind of debates and also as a sales technique. You may have noticed that when you're approached by someone who wants to sell you, let's say a specific shampoo; they never tell you directly that you need a better shampoo. Instead, they will try asking questions such as 'would you like to naturally lighten your hair?' This technique works particularly well because a leading question is used to bring you to the desired conclusion: you need this shampoo!

Similarly, when you try to avoid telling the truth, it's better to ask questions than lying directly. If somebody said to you then 'what are you doing here at this time?', you can avoid answering by simply responding 'what are you doing here?' or 'what do you think I could be doing?'. If anything, that's a great way to stall for time and avoid having to commit to one explanation.

Do You Want To Know An Easy Way To Win Arguments? Use The Socratic Method! Do You Want To Know An Easy Way To Win Arguments? Use The Socratic Method! Reviewed by Katerina Papakyriakopoulou on 2:45 PM Rating: 5

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  1. im always super scared to argue with people because the arguments usually turns into fights lol but this method seems quite amazing! I'll give it a try ;)


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