10 Unquestionable Signs That Your Man Truly Loves You

10 Unquestionable Signs That Your Man Truly Loves You

If you've been hurt in the past and you find it difficult to fully trust someone's emotions, don't panic. It has happened to all of us to wonder if our partner truly loves us. However, there are some gigantic signs that can prove that - or the opposite.

Here are 10 signs that you're with a man who truly loves you and respects you.

1) He is committed to your relationship.

A committed boyfriend/husband is not someone who is there only when things are easy. On the contrary, he supports you and your relationship even when things get difficult.

2) He doesn’t avoid problems.

When something goes wrong in a relationship, the best solution he knows of is to sit calmly down and discuss. He knows how building up bitter feelings for each other will eventually lead to an explosion, and he doesn't want that. Therefore, he will make an honest effort to fix everything that's not going so well.

3) He pays attention to every little thing.

He is aware of the things that are important to you and pays attention to them even if they don’t seem crucial to him: like buying you your favorite snack, watch your favorite movie with you, and making sure he washes the dishes right away.

4) He is wise and mature.

Maturity usually comes with the understanding that there's no reason of committing to someone unless you truly love them. If you consider your man as a person who makes wise and mature choices, then you're probably one of them.

5) He helps you to feel good about yourself.

Someone who truly loves you would never let you question yourself. Instead, he would try to help you boost your self-confidence. On the contrary, people who only care about themselves, usually try to make us feel insecure. Can you see the difference?

6) He cares about your problems

A man who makes your problems his own is someone who truly loves you. When something troubles you, it troubles him too. He will discuss your problems with you, trying to find solutions, while giving you the space you need. He knows you two are a team.

7) He doesn't expect you to be perfect.

He loves you for who you are, for your flaws and your mistakes. He can handle mistakes with humor, and he doesn't hold grudges.

8) He cares about behaving well to you.

A man who loves you will always know the things that you don't like and avoid doing them. He is thoughtful and respects you and your personality.

9) He is honest.

He doesn’t have a password on his mobile, and he won’t hesitate to leave his phone with you for any reason at all. He doesn't lie to you, and he doesn't hide anything from you. Honesty is one of the most important things in a good, loving relationship.

10. He never takes you for granted.

If he treats you like a priority and not just an option, if he makes plans with you, and if he's excited every time he sees you, then you can be sure that this person doesn't take you for granted. He loves you and will always fight for your relationship.
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