4 Indications That Someone Is Trying To Manipulate You

4 Indications That Someone Is Trying To Manipulate You

It can be hard to identify psychological manipulation from other, especially if you have grown up with it. Here are 4 signs that will make it easier for you to understand.

Whether you have been emotionally manipulated for years, or if this is the first time it ever happens to you, psychological manipulation can be complicated to describe. Manipulators behave in a self-serving, abusive, and dishonest way, but at the same time, they are sweet and kind. What you need to understand is that they just try to gain your sympathy, to get what they want.

Psychological manipulators make feel you unsure about your thoughts and feelings. Psychological manipulation is a kind of social influence by a person who is trying to change the behavior or perception of other people through abusive or dishonest tactics.

But how do you really understand whether somebody is psychologically manipulating you? It can be difficult to reveal their smart tactics, so only your intuition can become your best friend.

Still, there are 4 signs that will help you:

1. Manipulators claim to be 'experts'.

These kinds of people will try to overwhelm you with all those things they pretend to know. Manipulators do this to show off their intelligence and make you feel like they're superior. Of course, they are not experts! They just want you to fall for their words.

They are constantly pretending to know every single thing, like the best places to travel, the best foods to eat when you're on a diet, and, of course, everything about politics. Don't fall into the trap. They just want to take over every single conversation.

2. Manipulators force you into taking decisions.

The reason why manipulators want you to hurry up while trying to make a decision is just that they don't want to let you weigh your options. They want things to go their way, and they'll do it without you even realizing that you've chosen poorly.

Pressure is their favorite way to make you answer their questions. Instead of falling into the trap, the next time you'll feel pressured into making a decision, just reply 'not now' in a calm but decisive voice. Show them that you take the time you need to make your own decisions.

3. Manipulators make you feel guilty.

Feeling guilty can be exhausting. If you're also a highly sensitive person, you'll most probably feel guilty all the time around manipulators. When a manipulator realizes that you're not willing to do a simple favor for them, like going to the grocery shop, they'll say something like 'It's totally ok, I understand that you don't want to go! Of course, I will be extremely tired after work, but what can I do?'.

It's probably difficult not to give in if you hear such things from someone. But you need to understand that when someone cares about us, they don't ever try to make us feel guilty. There are other ways to ask for a favor. This is plain manipulation.

4. They become aggressive.

If manipulators don't like something you did, prepare yourself for an adult tantrum. It usually doesn't make any sense, but it can be really hurtful.

Manipulators want to get their way, and they will use hurtful language, or even violent outbursts if needed. You should expect anything from slamming doors to threatenings.

Of course, this is a totally unhealthy aspect in any relationship. If you are afraid of fury and violence, you should seek help.

We all have to make tough choices that affect us, and others around us. Don't forget that taking care of your mental and emotional health is crucial. Don’t let anyone bring you down. Find someone who will build you up!
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