This Is When You Know That Your Relationship Is Worth Fighting For

This Is When You Know That Your Relationship Is Worth Fighting For

You know for sure that your relationship is worth fighting for when you feel the need to become a better person.

When your partner has that something that motivates you to become the best version of yourself; not because you want to be like them, but because you want to be the kind of person they deserve.

Even though there will be childish moments when one of you will get a little jealous or afraid of being forgotten, you know that this relationship is mature. You both know who you are and where you want to go.

You know you both have flaws and imperfections. You've struggled and managed to fight your demons away. That gave you the confidence to realize how amazing and brave you are.

The kind of partner worth fighting for is the one that will listen to you, your inner thoughts and your crazy dreams. They will encourage you to follow them, even if that doesn't make sense to anyone else.

With them, you won’t be scared of being yourself. You won’t be embarrassed by your goofiness or of your bad habits because even though they might not understand everything you like doing, they will still be next to you.

A good partner has their own goals and plans. They are not perfect, as no relationship is perfect either. But they are meant to be with you.

In a good relationship, both partners have to realize that they should have a shared life but also a separate life: their friends, their families, their jobs, their hobbies, their personal space. You should respect each other as an individual with their own desires and dreams in life.

Another magical thing about relationships is that you are always craving for the other person. Even when you know them really well, and you see them regularly, you are still missing them when they're not around. And they're missing you too.

Please do your best and fight for your love, because not every relationship is worth fighting for. If you don’t, you will regret it, always wondering what would have been different if you had.

Not every person out there dares to follow their heart and their dreams because many of them are scared to show love or affection. A relationship includes commitment, and some people are afraid of making it.

But your special someone is ready for commitment. They have always been; they have just been waiting for you.
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