30 Indications That You Are Emotionally Abused And You Need To Do Something About It

30 Indications That You Are Emotionally Abused And You Need To Do Something About It

Of all the different kinds of abuse, nothing is worse than the results of emotional abuse on somebody’s sense of self-worth.

In situations of emotional abuse, although there might not be any physical proof of abuse, the effects can be far more damaging.

As the tactics that are used by the abuser are more smart and evasive than that of physical abuse, the victim is not totally conscious of the damage that is being done to them. If this is a consistent behavior in a relationship, the victim will possibly develop coping mechanisms to deal with the anguish. Sooner or later, they are likely to present symptoms of depression, panic or even PTSD.

Emotional abuse (AKA Psychological abuse or “Chronic Verbal Aggression”) can be defined as any act that isolates or confines a person, including the use of intimidation or humiliation or anything else that can harm the victim’s self-esteem.

Here are 30 ways to recognize emotional abuse:

1. Emotional abusers try to humiliate you or mock you when you’re in a group of friends.
2. Emotional abusers overlook your needs as well as your beliefs.
3. Emotional abusers make scornful and often sarcastic remarks to embarrass you or make you feel pity for yourself.
4. Emotional abusers try to blame their abusive behavior on you for being "too sensitive."
5. Emotional abusers try to infantilize you (treat you as if you were a kid).
6. Emotional abusers try to punish you for every little thing you don’t do in the way they want it to be done.
7. You feel like you always need their permission to go anywhere or do anything.
8. Emotional abusers try to take charge of your finances.
9. Emotional abusers squash your goals and dreams, disapprove of your successes and generally criticize you about almost everything.
10. Emotional abusers will never admit that you might be right since their word is law and you are always wrong if you disagree.
11. Their non-verbal attitude is intimidating, as you will never be looked at as an equal to them.
12. Emotional abusers often rub your face in your flaws.
13. Emotional abusers randomly come up with false accusations about you.
14. Emotional abusers are unable to handle criticism, so they try to use it on others all the time.
15. Emotional abusers won't tolerate disrespect, but they do nothing to deserve respect.
16. Emotional abusers make up excuses to justify their behavior and they never, ever, show remorse.
17. Emotional abusers incessantly push your buttons and disregard anything you ask from them.
18. Emotional abusers try to make you think that you are the reason of all of their problems and misery.
19. Emotional abusers call you names all the time, but they never accept you speaking to them in a bad language.
20. Emotional abusers are usually withdrawn or totally unavailable emotionally.
21. When they need your attention, they become passive aggressive.
22. Their attitude towards you is entirely apathetic; they have no feeling of compassion.
23. Emotional abusers victimize themselves in some attempt to make you feel like you are the abuser.
24. Emotional abusers will set up abandonment scenarios to make you fear that you need them.
25. Emotional abusers don't know or care about how you feel.
26. Emotional abusers steal away your individuality by trying to make you think you are a part of them.
27. Emotional abusers hide important information from you as a way to control you.
28. Emotional abusers lack any sense of confidentiality.
29. Emotional abusers will never agree to their behavior as being abusive.
30. Another way that they take control of you is by making obscure threats and underhanded remarks.

If you are familiar with any of these signs of emotional abuse, it’s time, to be honest and straightforward with yourself. That is how you can regain control over your life, and finally, start to heal.
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