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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Dad Throws Her Doll And Drives Away. When He Looks In The Rear-View Mirror My Heart Breaks.

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The Dad Throws Her Doll And Drives Away. When He Looks In The Rear-View Mirror My Heart Breaks.

The story in this video has an intense message that should definitely be spread. Only by touching people’s hearts can we accomplish real change. This clip does just that.

At first, it appears like nothing is going to happen. But when I see the end my eyes tear up right away, and along with that comes some hefty insight.

At first, I thought he was picking up his daughter from a previous partner, and that it didn’t work out with the new family. It felt absurd to see how the father abandoned his daughter out in the woods. When I see that it’s actually a dog, it still hurts and the message can’t be more clear.

Animals are living creatures and deserve to be loved and respected. They are our friends and family members. And even if they can be messy from time to time they don’t deserve to be abandoned just because you originally made a hasty decision.

Unfortunately, many animals continue to be abandoned and many face heavy pain and misery. According to, approximately 2,7 million dogs and cats are killed every year in the United States alone because shelters are overpopulated and not enough people are willing to adopt them into their homes.

I can’t understand how people can abuse and abandon their pets. Hopefully, this video can help spread this important message and we can all help make the world a little better of a place for our devoted and furry friends.

Source: Newsner via Idealist4ever

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