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Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Average Women Faces in 40 Different Countries

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The Average Women Faces from 40 Different Nationalities - Countries

Two psychologists at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, run which features a software that can average together faces from thousands of photos. These images purportedly show the average face of women from 40 different nationalities.

The Average Women Faces from 40 Different Nationalities

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  1. Those who live closely with neighborhood countries can identify easily all faces of the contries. But those who live far from other countries will be difficult to identify faces from those far countries. I can identify easily the japanese, thai, india, chinese, koreans people, but find difficulities to identify the Europe people: france, germany, scott, UK.

  2. You said countries and you put West Africa, Is West Africa a country?

  3. Uh....the average woman in any country is not as pretty or as young as these are.


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