7 Strange Phenomena Of The Mind

7 Strange Phenomena Of The Mind

Déjà Vu

Déjà vu is the feeling of being certain that you’ve already experienced a certain situation previously. It’s as if what has happened is repeating itself in a new moment. A lot of the times, this is because it actually has.

7 Strange Phenomena Of The Mind - Déjà Vu

When we think about what we do or say each day, a lot of the times it’s repetitive.

I’ve had so many moments where I have to ask my friends if I’ve already told them a certain story I’m in the middle of.

Half the time – I have. Sometimes, some of these experiences have happened in a dream and a specific object or word reminds you of it.

Déjà Vécu

7 Strange Phenomena Of The  Mind - Déjà Vécu

Déjà vécu is similar to Déjà Vu but it is much more immersive. In a moment of Déjà Vu, it’s something you’ve SEEN before, but in a moment of Déjà Vécu, it’s something you’ve FELT before.

It brings forth senses of smell and sound in greater detail. It is a more intense version of Déjà Vu.

Déjà Visité

Déjà visité is an amazing feeling of familiarity with a place you’ve never been. If you’re walking around a new city or perhaps forest and you have this strange feeling of being there before – well maybe you have in a dreams state or on a higher frequency. I was walking around a neighborhood in Santa Cruz – a place I never thought I’d visit.

7 Strange Phenomena Of The  Mind - Déjà Visité

I had a completely overwhelming feeling of being here before.

I had actually thought of this place as a kid, and it had more to do with the feeling of being here rather than what everything looked like.

The experience was amazing and brought me to tears as I was overcome with feelings of gratitude.

Déjà Senti

Déjà senti – stemming from the word sentimental, is the phenomenon of having “already felt” something. This sometimes translates to thinking you just spoke but then realizing you didn’t say anything at all.

It happens inthose moments of daydreaming, when you think you just did something but snap back into reality and realize you were just sitting there the whole time.

7 Strange Phenomena Of The  Mind - Déjà Senti

Jamais Vu

Jamais vu – this is a crazy one. It’s like the opposite of Déjà Vu, where something isn’t recognized. This experience happens all the time when you say a word over and over and you just can’t even believe it’s a word anymore.

You begin to doubt if it’s spelled correctly and it becomes a foreign sound of jumbled letters.

7 Strange Phenomena Of The  Mind - Jamais Vu

This first happened to me when I was about 6 and said the word ‘finger’ over and over. It freaked me out how much I didn’t recognize it after repeating it.

Presque Vu

Presque vu this is that annoying sensation of something being ‘on the tip of your tongue’. You can just almost grasp the word or idea you’re trying to remember but you can’t quite get it.

This is a very strange experience – it’s like you can see parts of the word in your mind but its jumbled and can’t be grasped.

That moment of pulling it into your consciousness and expressing it is quite special, what made you able to put the connections together to retrieve the information?

L’esprit de l’Escalier

L’esprit de l’escalier – literally translating to ‘staircase wit’ is that awful feeling of knowing what to say AFTER it’s already too late.

In the moment of trying to say a witty comeback but it just won’t come to mind, and then after the conversation is done THEN you know what to say. It’s happened to all of us.

7 Strange Phenomena Of The  Mind - L’esprit de l’Escalier

Source: The Spirit Science

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