Here's What You Have To Do If You Ever Find Yourself Trapped In A Sinking Car

Here's What You Have To Do If You Ever Find Yourself Trapped In A Sinking Car

Life can get crazy and uncontrollable in the blink of the eye. While you should try to remain positive and hope for the best, it's foolhardy not to keep yourself informed and ready for the worst.

Knowing the particular pressure points on the windows the difference between tempered and untempered glass can save lives.

According to Higher Perspectives, if you find yourself trapped in a car, your best bet is going to be focusing on the side windows' edges. Even if submerged in water, those will be the best avenues for your escape plan.

The primary windshield is made to crack, and splinter where as side windows were built to shatter on impact if hit on the sides.

When trying to break a car window, submerged or not, the middle of the glass will be the most difficult to break. Be sure to leave a blunt object in your vehicle (screwdriver, hammer, wrench); those small objects can be the key to freedom.

Most people do not know that the water pressure can add up to 850 pounds of force against the window. That's where hitting it in the middle would be useless.

Grabbing this object and aiming for the car's corners is the point where you need to break out the window, filling the car with water and giving you a path to swim towards safety. On land being in a pinch breaking a side window might give you a quick escape too.

Timing is everything, so you need to keep a cool head and act quickly. The deeper the car descends, the more pressure there'll be, making the window more difficult to break.

There are special tools you car buy which give you a much a higher sure chance of success. Don't forget to leave it in your armrest or other easily reached areas.

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