20 Simple Things You Can Do During Intercourse To Drive Your Woman Crazy

20 Simple Things You Can Do During Sex To Drive Your Woman Crazy

Ever wondered what she's thinking about while you're trying to give her the time of her life? Some people claim that knowing what women want is hard, but it's really simple if you do care to know.

Here are 20 things women want you to do during sex:

1. Grab her face while kissing.

Put one hand on each of her cheeks while you're giving her tongue a good time!

2. Use your mouth for more than just kissing.

Slide your lower lip up and down her neck. Keep flicking her lips with your tongue!

3. Try a bit lip biting.

Lip biting can really turn a woman on, but don't overdo it.

4. Also, a bit hair pulling and neck scratching.

The neck is the weakest spot for women, so scratch her nape gently while you're making out!

5. Correct use of your fingers will drive her crazy!

Try to feel her with the tip of your fingers. Also use the back of your fingers, your palm as well as your fingernails, but not the sharp side. Be gentle and don't dig your nails inside!

6. Grab her butt.

Only after you have made out several times, try sliding your hand gently to her butt. Unless she swats your hand away, then try cupping it.

7. As Phoebe Buffay says, some women also appreciate gentle spanking!

Oh yes, we do! Unless you try to redden her butt like an apple.

8. Don’t stick to her lips.

Take a break from her lips and kiss her chest or up and down her stomach. She's going to love it!

9. Look into her eyes while you're going down on her.

What's hotter than eye contact with the one you love?

10. Welcome to the most sensitive area of a woman: her ear.

Breathe gently on her ear, then kiss on it. Lick her earlobe and suck on it. But, for the love of Venus, don't breathe INTO her ear!

11. Lay on top of her.

Women love the weight of you on themselves as well as the easy approach to your back to play with and scratch!

12. Put your thighs against her crotch!

Give your woman some friction in the middle of having sex. It's the best way to turn her on.

13. Whisper dirty words in her ear.

Who doesn’t like some dirty talking? But don’t take it too far calling her a ‘naughty whore’.

14. A wall can be miraculous.

Push her up against a wall and then force your body on her!

15. Ask her what she likes.

The most straightforward way to satisfy your woman. It's also sexy.

16. Illude her!

Make movements to make her believe that you're going to do something naughty, and then do not do it. That will make her ask for more.

17. Suck on her skin.

Again, not too hard!

18. Surprise her!

Make your moves unpredictable and confuse her, in a good way.

19. Kiss her back and neck.

Kiss her skin all along her back up and down!

20. Look into her eyes and tell her that you love her!

Let us not forget the romantic side of sex.

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