People Who Suffer From Anxiety Are The Strongest

People Who Suffer From Anxiety Are The Strongest

Although many assume that humans who suffer from anxiety are weak, those people's ability to survive while they're burdened with such debilitating and worrying emotions is an obvious proof of their inner strength. Each day, anxiety tells them that they’re weak, that they’re unworthy, and that they should not even bother getting out of their bed at all.

It takes great willpower for anxious people to get ready and to face the day despite those compulsions, and when somebody who suffers from anxiety manages to be positive, productive and cheerful, in addition to facing the daylight, they should be praised instead of being criticized for anything.

It is far easier to cancel plans, decline dates, skip class, or call in sick than it is to decide to show up and try to make progress, so people with anxiety should be supported in these situations as well. And even when someone who suffers from anxiety does cancel or decline to do something, just remember that sometimes just being around others is too much for them to handle. They probably needed more strength than you could even imagine contacting and communicating with you at all.

When someone is experiencing anxiety, they can be incredibly self-conscious, and there can be nothing that they or anybody else can do to make them feel better. All they can do is keep pushing, persevering, and focusing on getting through the day.

Despite how many negative or dark thoughts keep coming to their mind, many anxious people will keep on putting their one foot in front of the other. No matter how many silent voices and looks accuse them of being weak, they will continue to live productive lives overall, because they are strong in body, mind, and soul.

Nevertheless, persevering is extremely difficult, tiring, and varying; when a person is forced to operate under uncomfortable circumstances, the tension seems to last for hours, days, or a lifetime. If you have never worried incessantly about what to do, what to say or what to wear for days, weeks, or months on end, then there is just no way you can truly understand how nerve-racking and torturous it can be.

Even though anxious people might make progress often, regression almost always occurs now and then as well, so sometimes the battle turns into an ongoing war. Still, just surviving requires immense strength and willpower. When all this courage is mustered, individuals dealing with anxiety can accomplish even more than perfectly healthy human beings can - although anxiety sufferers need to put in over twice the amount and intensity of mental and emotional effort to succeed.

Reference: Thought Catalog

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