What Cannabis Does To Your Mind & Body Depending On How You Ingest It (Infographic)

What Cannabis Does To Your Mind & Body Depending On How You Ingest It (Infographic)

Contrary to popular belief, smoking cannabis does not assist a great deal in treating disease within the body, as therapeutic levels cannot be reached through smoking.

To get the best benefit from this miraculous plant, you should either eat it or take cannabis oil. Smoking also alters the plant molecules; when cannabis is heated and burned, it changes the chemical structure and acidity of the THC, which in turn negates its therapeutic value. The smoke from marijuana is toxic to the body, just as the smoke from any other substance would be. Furthermore, anytime you burn something and inhale it, you create oxidation within the body.

That being said, there is not a great deal of evidence suggesting that smoking cannabis is harmful for your health either. In fact, smoking it does have some benefits, as it helps to alleviate stress, depression, and anxiety, and offers pain relief as well. In the end, if you are going to smoke it, use a vaporizer like this instead.

On the other, there are some concerns that still exist, like the effect smoking cannabis can have on a developing brain, for example.

You have to look at both sides of the coin anytime you’re putting something in your body, which is why we recently wrote an article creating awareness about the potential downsides of smoking marijuana.

The point of this article is to shed light on the fact that smoking it is not the only option, and that most of the medicinal benefits the plant offers, like its ability to fight cancer and various other diseases, comes from a different method of ingestion.

The infographic below is from MesotheliomaTreatmentCenters.org.

What Cannabis Does To Your Mind & Body Depending On How You Ingest It (Infographic)

Source: Collective Evolution

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