This Video Will Reveal To You Some Secrets About Mankind

This Video Will Reveal You Some Secrets About Mankind

It's a fact that day by day our world is changing rapidly. Not only because of the constant evolution of technology but also because of people's role changing. Think about the role of men and women for example. Things are not as they used to be forty or fifty years ago, since many prejudices are forever gone.

In addition, communication has changed a lot through the years. It has become easier, faster, better. National borders have stopped being barriers that prevent people from meeting and progressing together. Now people are becoming global citizens!

You can see this as a sign of independence or else as a sign of intense confusion. The fact that internet lets us be exposed to a wider variety of information, makes it possible for someone to live his life in a completely different way from what he was used to. In the current period of time, there can be many goals in life. The plan of growing up, going to university, finding a job and then getting married and having children is no more the only option. We can be successful even if we don't have a university degree, we can work through internet without having a boss, we can even make relationships with people we know through internet.

The problem with technology

The problem is that in this huge variety of chances, we start becoming confused about what to do with ourselves finally. That's when the Quarter-Life Crisis begin. The younger generations are breaking under the pressure previously felt by people in their 50s. The Mid-Life Crisis came on when you looked back on your life feeling you wasted half of it, and missed every opportunity you had to make something better of it. So you anxiously try to do something different, for fear of running out of time.

Nowadays the real pressure for young people is to do something worthwhile with their future. That is why many of them find consolation in the internet: because they don't have to change themselves to fit in there. Or even they can pretend to be someone else, because they can hide in the internet. So they think they can be safe. This is a natural consequence of our evolution.

Is there any solution?

The secret for success lies in everyone of us and it's nothing else but our inner voice. We should not listen to other people's opinion all the time and we definitely shouldn't do things just to please others. The reason for doing anything should be ourself, our inner voice! If we mix all the voices in our head, then we won't know which voice is ours, what it is that we want.

The evolution of technology is an advantage and it shouldn't cause problems. So what we should do is think that internet is a tool to help people to connect with each other and also a means of getting information. It can make us smarter and help us fight our loneliness. What we need to do is follow our voice and stop being afraid of who we are. People can change and become different and that's their power! If this wasn't true, then everything would be boring, wouldn't it?
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