The Dangers of Sitting For Too Long (Infographic)

The Dangers of Sitting For Too Long (Infographic)

As our jobs become more and more computer-reliant, millions of people every year are becoming effected by a lifestyle that requires too many hours sitting in a chair. Too much chair time is starting to show a whole long list of health problems.

I’m personally guilty of this one, because I have a job that requires hours of sitting in front of a computer. It’s not just the stationary nature of sitting that causes problems, either. Roughly 40% of people who complain of back issues is a direct result of spending too much time sitting, and even sitting improperly. The impacts of too much sitting are especially pronounced in children under the age of 18, where spinal conditions like kyphosis and scoliosis are often developed.

But sitting doesn’t just affect the spine. Too much sedentary time can cause everything from higher rates of chronic diseases, including heart disease and diabetes, to immediate effects such as strained and sore muscles. Bonnie Berkowitz and Patterson Clark made an awesome infographic of all the health problems someone can develop just by spending too much time in a chair.
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The Dangers of Sitting For Too Long (Infographic)

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