5 Interesting Things About Empaths

5 Interesting Things About Empaths

An empath is an emotional, highly sensitive person, who can feel almost everything. Intuition is the filter through which empaths experience the world. Empaths are naturally giving, spiritually attuned, and good listeners. They will always be there for you. Empaths actually feel other people's feelings, health and concerns.

Here are 5 really interesting things about empaths. You may find yourself in them too.

1) They can "read" other people's feelings.

Empaths know what a person is feeling regardless of how a person “looks” on the outside. He may be smiling, but an empath knows whether they are anxious or depressed. That's because they have the ability to empathize with whom they are interacting.

2) They can really help other people, even if they don't know them well.

That's why most people tend to trust empaths and share their problems with them: because empaths are often drawn, almost compelled to help other people. Empaths are avid seekers of solutions, answers, and knowledge. This makes people trust their advice! If you find people you have never met gravitating to you for help and opening up their deepest secrets to you, then maybe you are an empath too!

3) They feel strong emotional impacts everywhere.

Empaths feel emotions even while walking down the street. They become highly involved with people's feelings, that's why they share the same problems! They are also able to relate to how others feel and understand what they are experiencing.

4) An empath can be an introvert too.

Empaths tend to avoid large groups of people when needed. They often sense too much emotional information everywhere. It is overwhelming. Crowded places such as shopping malls, supermarkets, stadiums or movie theaters might seem terrible for an empath sometimes.

5) They are unable to watch violence, cruelty, or tragedy.

Empaths can bear watching such themes, even if they appear in a movie or in television. That's why they hare watching the news. Empaths are usually non-violent and non-aggressive people who love peaceful and harmonious environments. That doesn't mean they are weaker. They are just more sensitive and that makes them strong and unique.

Recognizing that you’re an empath is the first step in taking charge of your emotions instead of constantly drowning in them. Staying on top of empathy will improve your self-care and relationships.

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