Gas Pump Camera Captures Couple Whose Fascinating Karaoke Makes Them Go Viral

Gas Pump Camera Captures Couple Whose Fascinating Karaoke Makes Them Go Viral

This epic video NEVER gets old, as it’s something that deserves to do the rounds of the internet again and again. And if you haven’t seen it yet, then you are in for a treat!

Would you ever sing a song for the man speaking from a gas pump?

Well, this guy did, and his impromptu performance impressed the Tonight Show pranksters behind the stunt so much that he ended up entertaining millions of people in an NBC studio.

In the middle of a suburban gas station, Will belted out Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer while his wife was howling with laughter.

Not only that but when asked for a duet by the man in the gas pump, his wife got out of their car and sang a pitch-perfect “Sweet Dreams.”

The two-way camera mounted in the gas pump, together with cameras surrounding the car videotaped the whole scene as Will and Monifa Sims were prompted to sing more.

Jay Leno was so amazed that he invited the couple on his show. He said it was rare to see two young partners so happy together. They sang with the Tonight Show band and led the entire audience, Jay included, in a rowdy clap-fest.

Gas Pump Camera Captures Couple Whose Fascinating Karaoke Makes Them Go Viral Gas Pump Camera Captures Couple Whose Fascinating Karaoke Makes Them Go Viral Reviewed by Truth Seeker on 10:24 AM Rating: 5


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