20 Spectacular Places We Want To Visit Right Away


20 Spectacular Places We Want To Visit Right Away

3.8 billion people were transported by airplane last year. This means that one in two people traveled somewhere in the previous year. From time to time we all tend to feel like we are stuck in one place and our life lacks adventure. The truth is that sometimes all we need is to get out there and begin to explore the miraculous attractions the world has to offer.

Here are 20 of the most breathtaking places around the globe that will make you want to travel right now!

Hand Golden Bridge in Da Nang, Vietnam

The impressive Golden Bridge in Da Nang, Vietnam opened to the public in June 2018. It resembles something which looks like it came out of a surrealist painting. It is made of two giant hands that look like they hold it together from one side to the other! It took around a year to construct, and it's a place that should be on everybody’s bucket list!

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China

20 Spectacular Places We Want To Visit Right Away

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The eccentric and delicate forest is the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, and it's the first authorized national park in China. It features magical, dramatic peaks which look like they just came out of a fantasy film. With the sub-tropical climate in Asia, it's warm during the winter and cool during the summer which makes it a perfect attraction for any traveler, all year around. 98 percent of the forest is covered with vegetation, and it's home to over 700 animal species.

Beachy Head, UK

20 Spectacular Places We Want To Visit Right Away

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Descending above the clouds, anybody can admire the tall white wall that meets the waters of the North Sea. The view from this cliff is the sight of a lifetime which will make any traveler put this place a priority on their traveling journey agenda, particularly if they love heights and beautiful sunsets.

Hamilton Pool Preserve — Texas, United States

20 Spectacular Places We Want To Visit Right Away

© longheaded / reddit

This amazing visual spectacle is a result of the natural erosion and collapse of an underground river thousands of years ago. It created the beautiful waterfalls which lead to the turquoise waters of the Hamilton Pool Preserve. It's a place that attracts swimmers who live or visit Austin during the summer for a nice refreshing bath.

Hinatuan Enchanted River, Surigao del Sur, Philippines

Situated on Mindanao Island in the Philippines, the Hinatuan Enchanted River flows through both the Philippine Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The special colors which appear in its waters and the depth which has remained unexplored to this day has inspired several local legends about fairies magically giving the sapphire and jade colors to the river.

Northern Lake Baikal, Russia

Озеро Байкал считается мировой достопримечательностью, достопримечательностью России и непосредственно Восточной Сибири. Байкал считается самым глубоким озером нашей планеты. Озеро и прилегающая территория содержит уникальные разновидности флоры и фауны. Многие виды из которых обитает только здесь. Жители прилегающих окрестностей называют озеро-морем. Данные высказывания довольно справедливы, ведь размеры Байкала не могут не удивлять... #путешествия #туризм #красивыеместа #Байкал #активныйотдых #отдых #озеро #Россия #LakeBaikal #Ольхон #Ангара #мысБурхан #природа #Сибирь #Siberia #Иркутск #Байкалзимой #Байкалфото

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At first sight, this image looks like an ice sculpture which was broken on a frozen lake. However, when you swipe to the right, you'll realize that it's one of the most impressive sights you have ever seen. Situated in Siberia, Northern Lake Bailak is the biggest freshwater lake in the world, and it contains over 20 percent of the Earth’s freshwater. The water's turquoise color creates amazing phenomena during winter when it freezes. It is said to have the world's clearest water.

Travertine pools and terraces at Pamukkale, Turkey

20 Spectacular Places We Want To Visit Right Away

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The sunny travertine terraces and limpid pools which look like marble waterfalls are situated in Pamukkale, Turkey. They're full of carbonated mineral water, and because of their location in the inner Aegean region, they keep the same temperature all year long.

Marble Caves of Lake General Carrera, Chile

20 Spectacular Places We Want To Visit Right Away

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Chile’s Marble Caves, located in the Patagonian Andes, are among the world's most isolated, natural treasures. Although it looks like somebody went in with their paintbrush and began to paint them with jade and turquoise colors, that's actually a work of nature which has been created over about 6,000 years. Over time, the water and wind have been patiently carving these caves that are positioned between Argentina and Chile.

The Aleutian Islands — Alaska, United States

I teared up in the plane. After what felt like a tidal wave of emotion dealing with logistics, weather, lack of sleep, gas flying out of the wing upon takeoff and the fear that something would inevitably go wrong at the last second I just felt this incredible release of emotion when we finally got there. It was real, and more beautiful than I could have imagined. Flying over some of the roughest seas on the planet during an incredibly calm and perfect day we emerged through a massive hole in the clouds to this. Ground control said it was the best weather window in 10 years. Pictured Mt. Herbert with the most active volcano in the Aleutian Chain Mt Cleveland in the background. Shot on assignment for @conservationorg fellows grant.

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The Aleutian Islands are nestled on the southwest side of Alaska. They're some among the most beautiful and dangerous islands to visit and are full of history. There are 57 active volcanos on the islands, and they're known for the battles that happened there during World War ll.

Mount Bromo Volcano, Java, Indonesia

20 Spectacular Places We Want To Visit Right Away

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At first glance, this place looks picturesque, but actually, it has an active volcano inside. Mount Bromo is situated inside the Bromo Tengger National Park. It's the only active volcano left in Indonesia and is now a famous attraction because of its magical beauty and surrounding sights.

Natural Pools of Millpu, Ayacucho, Peru

On our drive to the turquoise waters, I told José how I couldn’t believe we were actually here, in this moment, heading towards our next adventure and exploring this beautiful world of ours. I thought about how I ended up here, and it all came down to the sheer fact that I just went for it. Eliminated all excuses, and followed my heart. I told myself, it’s now or never. There’s so much of this world to explore, so why not start now? 🌎 . A huge shoutout and thank you to @visitsouthamerica.co for making this trip happen! ❤️🇵🇪 . 📷 @josemostajo 🐺 . . . . . #huacachina #peru #worldnomads #forgeyourownpath #girlswithgypsysouls #southamericatravel #discoversouthamerica #experiencesouthamerica #ig_peru #speechlessplaces #thetraveltag #cntraveler #thewanderingtourist #girlswhotravel #dametraveler #sheadventures #shewhowanders #awakethesoul #ourlonelyplanet #wekeepmoments #voyaged #trekkingtoes #igersperu #thedailyadventurer #nomadstories #wondermore

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The isolated natural pools in Millpu are a hidden gem which was recently discovered by some travelers with Instagram in Ayacucho, Peru. The beautiful, turquoise, natural pools which sit one behind each other are truly a mind-blowing spectacle. Anybody would love the variety of flora and fauna which surrounds the area and as well as the countless waterfalls you see as you walk toward the natural pools.

Zakynthos Island, Greece

20 Spectacular Places We Want To Visit Right Away

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One among the most beautiful Ionian Islands is Zakynthos. The water is so crystal clear that you can see your own shadow in the sand even when you are five meters deep. The most stunning sight on the island is the Navagio Beach, an isolated cove on the northwest of the island with high cliffs which can only be accessed by boat. Also, the isolated natural blue caves into the cliffs make it an ideal destination for couples that are feeling romantic.

Ik-Kil Cenote, Chichen Itza, Mexico

20 Spectacular Places We Want To Visit Right Away

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Ik-Kil is a magical cenote open to the sky, situated in the Northen side of the Yucatan Peninsula. It's 85 ft deep and 200 ft in diameter. It's surrounded by vines from the opening at the top that reach out to the surface of the water making it look like small waterfalls. The carved stairs around the diameter lead down to the swimming area where visitors are allowed to swim in the enchanted waters.

Salt Lake, Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

20 Spectacular Places We Want To Visit Right Away

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Salar de Uyuni is among the most remarkable places to visit in South America. The salt crust typically extends to the horizon and during different seasons, lakes nearby overflow a thin layer of water which turns the salt flats into beautiful mirror reflections of the sky. Salar de Uyuni is the largest in terms of area salt flat in the world covering 10,582 sq km.

Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming, US

20 Spectacular Places We Want To Visit Right Away

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This picture that looks like the result of a photoshop retouch which added rainbow colors around it is actually the Grand Prismatic Spring situated in Yellowstone National Park. It's the largest and the most beautiful natural spring in the US. It’s 370 m in diameter and 60 m deep. The vivid colors which resemble the rainbow are a result of microbial mats laying around the edges of the mineral water.

Oasis of Huacachina, Peru

A mais ou menos 5 minutos da cidade de Ica, no #Peru, está #Huacachina, uma vila construída em torno de um pequeno oásis cercado por grandes dunas de areia. A maior diversão do lugar são os passeios de Buggy e as descidas pelas dunas gigantes de "skybunda" e "sandboard" além do belo por do sol no final da tarde. . . #sobrelugares #viagem #sobreperu #sobredesertos . USE #sobrelugares ____________________________________________________ 🌎: #Peru 📷: @jordhammond . Conheça também: 👉@sobreriodejaneiro 👉@sobreorganicos . #beautifuldestinations #naturelovers#hypebeast #stayandwander #agameoftones#adventureculture #neverstopexploring#ourplanetdaily #travelstagram #vzcomood#artofvisuals #moodygrams #discoverearth#visualsofearth #wildernessculture #placetovisit#livefolk #eclectic_shotz #travelblog #lensbible#artofvisuals #lifeofadventure #travelcommunity#earthpix

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Huacachina is a village built around a fantastic oasis surrounded by sand, and it has a magical lake in the middle. According to locals, the mud surrounding the lake can treat conditions which were considered to be incurable. Huacachina has a population of a hundred people, and it's 5 km away from the city of Ica.

Floating fishing village in Halong Bay, Vietnam

The fishing village called Cua Van, situated in Halong Bay is one of the biggest floating villages in the world. The locals are mostly fishermen, and there are no houses on the land in the surrounding area — only floating houses in the sea. Among these floating houses, there are schools and activity centers where people in the community can visit by taking a boat from one side of the village to the other.

Iguazu Falls, Brazil

#iguazufalls #brasil #🌈

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Iguazu Falls are breathtaking waterfalls pouring into the Iguazu River which is located between the borders of Argentina and Brazil. Together, they make up the world's largest waterfall network. According to the local legend, a deity was planning to get married to a lady which he then got betrayed by. In revenge, he sliced the river in half to prevent her from being with her lover.

The Dark Hedges, Northen Ireland

20 Spectacular Places We Want To Visit Right Away

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The Dark Hedges is a magical avenue filled with beech trees that line Bregagh Road in Northen Ireland. The trees bend together inward, creating an atmospheric tunnel which is now famous for its use in the well-known TV show Game of Thrones.

Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile

Torres del Paine National Park combines beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and glaciers in Patagonia. It's a heaven on earth which is now one of Chile's largest and the most-visited parks. It gets about 252,000 visitors each year, and it became among the most popular destinations for hikers because of the surrounding nature.

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Thinking Humanity: 20 Spectacular Places We Want To Visit Right Away
20 Spectacular Places We Want To Visit Right Away
3.8 billion people were transported by airplane last year.
Thinking Humanity
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