This Animator Illustrates His Life With Two Kids After His Wife Passed Away

This Animator Illustrates His Life With Two Kids After His Wife's Heartbreaking Death

Keeping a diary is a common and therapeutic habit. It allows an order to the cluttered feelings and thoughts that occur throughout our everyday lives. Naturally, if for an animator, a diary can take on a visual format and become a 'doodle diary.'

That's what former Disney illustrator Gary Andrews began doing on his 54th birthday, being a happily married father of two children, documenting the joy of his family life. Sadly, tragedy was to strike as Gary would become a widower and single parent within three years.

While he was away on a work trip to Canada, his wife Joy became ill with what they thought to be a simple flu. Nevertheless, it soon became obvious that it was much more severe than that, so Gary rushed home to be close to his beloved. When he arrived back in the UK, he had to learn the devastating news: Joy had died from sepsis.

Completely shocked by Joy's sudden onset of the illness and tragic death, Gary struggled to discover a way to deal with his overwhelming grief. He decided to open up his notebook and let his devastating emotions pour out onto the pages.

Throughout his grieving process, the illustrator continued with his doodle diary, recording all the ups and downs of his everyday life with his children, the good days and the bad as well. The process of putting his thoughts and feelings down on paper helped him to cope, allowing him to vent his emotions. Happiness is a recurring part of his doodles; Garry also manages to capture the continuing joy and fun that his kids bring to his life, navigating the world of a single parent.

Sepsis is a silent killer, and the artist hopes to raise awareness for an illness which is frequently regarded as an afterthought for many doctors. The symptoms, including fever, blotchy skin, sickness, and dizziness, are often mistaken for other illnesses, and they're not recognized until too late. If it's captured early on, it can be treated with mild antibiotics. However, Gary doesn't blame anybody for Joy's death, as it was simply bad luck.

This Animator Illustrates His Life With Two Kids After His Wife Passed Away This Animator Illustrates His Life With Two Kids After His Wife Passed Away Reviewed by Katerina Papakyriakopoulou on 1:24 PM Rating: 5


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