Night Becomes Day In Finland Because Of Meteor: Watch Video!

Night Becomes Day In Finland Because Of Meteor: Watch Video!

Tony Bateman/YouTube

Video footage has captured the astonishing moment a meteor tore through the skies of Lapland in Finland, turning the night into day and causing a stunning blast.

The incident occurred on Thursday, November 16th, and was seen on camera by several locals. The meteor shines unbelievably brightly, but it isn't known if it hit the ground or if it exploded in the atmosphere.

As said Tony Bateman, the man who recorded one of the videos and runs the website Aurora Service Tours, in the video description: “So tonight whilst I was sat in our cottage, there was a huge bang, and the cottage shook violently.”

“We run a live video stream capturing the night sky for aurora borealis purposes, I immediately think maybe that caught the show? So I rewind the video, and sure enough, there it is. Absolute goosebumps at this stage. What a night!”, he added.

Bateman's video of the meteor

The incident is considered to have happened at around 6.40pm local time in the skies of Inari in Finnish Lapland. The event was so bright and spectacular that there were several reports it was even heard in Norway and Russia.

As eyewitness, Atle Staaleen told the Barents Observer: “The lights came from all around us, like a massive explosion that lasted for some five or six seconds”.

While the incident is impressive, meteors aren't all so rare. Thousands of objects burn up in the atmosphere each year, but many are too tiny to be noticeable, while others take place over remote, uninhabited places.

More footage of the incident

On several occasions, however, a meteor can streak over a populated region. In that case, the meteor appears as it either exploded in the air as a bolide or it hit Earth as a meteorite.

We are becoming better at tracking meteorites, but we aren't perfect yet. The frequently used example, Chelyabinsk meteor over Russia in 2013, went undetected but injured hundreds of individuals when it exploded.

Fortunately, this time we don’t seem to have had a repeat. But it is a good reminder that there is a lot of stuff hitting the planet, and we need to ensure we are prepared if anything that could pose a threat does come our way.

Reference: IFLScience

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