70 Meaningful Philosophical Questions That Will Change The Way You Think

70 Meaningful Philosophical Questions That Will Change The Way You Think

Philosophy attempts to understand the root nature of reality, existence, and knowledge. There are numerous questions in life for which there are no set answers or such diverging opinions on answers that just bring more questions. Here are 70 deep philosophical questions for you to ponder. Meditation is useful in helping people to search inside their souls for their own answers and meanings.

1. What is consciousness?

2. If you could select just one thing to change in our world, what would it be?

3. Is it worse to fail or never try?

4. Does nature shape your personality more than nurture?

5. Should we care more about doing the right thing, or doing things right?

6. What would you advise a newborn infant?

7. Where is the fine line between insanity and creativity?

8. What is genuine happiness?

9. What things prevent you from doing the things that you truly want to?

10. What makes you who you are?

11. What is the one single truth?

12. Can you tell the difference between fantasy and reality?

13. Do you honestly make your own decisions, or do you let others make them for you?

14. What truly makes a good friend?

15. Why are people scared of losing things that they will never truly own?

16. Who defines what's good and evil?

17. What's the difference between living and being alive?

18. Is it ok to do something wrong if no one finds out about it?

19. Who decides what is moral and what's not?

20. How do we know that our experience of consciousness is the very same as other people’s experience of consciousness?

21. Who is truly powerful?

22. What is true love?

23. Do family bonds matter in the modern world?

24. What role does honor play in today’s society?

25. If money can't buy happiness, can you ever be truly happy if you have no money?

26. How do we know our perceptions are real?

27. How much control do we have over our lives?

28. What is freedom and how can we achieve it?

29. Can we know anything for sure?

30. What happens after we die?

31. What defines us?

32. What do we strive for after enlightenment?

33. Do we really have a soul?

34. How can we define intelligence?

35. Is there an ideal way to live our lives?

36. If lying is wrong, how can white lies be okay?

37. Is trust more crucial than love?

38. Is it easier to adore or be adored?

39. Is it better to love and lose or never to love?

40. Is there life on other planets?

41. Is there a god?

42. How can there still be amoebas, if everything evolved from them?

43. Is life all a fantasy or dream?

44. When does human consciousness begin?

45. What are numbers?

46. Can one be happy without being sad?

47. What is education?

48. Are there supreme powers?

49. How did the universe begin?

50. What will happen when the world ends?

51. Is there a reason to live?

52. Where does our soul live?

53. Is it more important to be admired or respected?

54. Does sound happen if no one is present to hear it?

55. What is infinity?

56. Where does the universe end?

57. Does observation change an event?

58. Does the Law of Attraction indeed exist?

59. How does gravity work?

60. Where were people before they were born?

61. What is true beauty?

62. Where do our thoughts come from?

63. Are we in the Matrix?

64. What is time?

65. How can people believe in words without evidence?

66. Is it ok to kill 10 people to save 100?

67. Do we have free will?

68. Is there absolute morality?

69. Is there a meaning of life?

70. What is mathematics?

Undoubtedly, you will already have your answers on some of these deep philosophical questions and might have formed quick opinions on others. On the remaining questions, however, think them over and decide what they mean to you, how could they possibly be answered and what you can learn from the questions themselves.

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