Anxious People Find It Hard To Date and Here Is Why

The Reasons Why Anxious People Find It Hard To DateBiancadjardins

Anxiety is when in the beginning stages of a relationship, you struggle to get through normally because you're afraid of ruining something before it begins.

It’s staying up late at night and tossing and turning wondering how he/she feels. It’s questioning if that's really something good or is it all in your head.

Anxiety is being excited about a date while also thinking they will cancel last minute. It is staring at your phone waiting for a call.

It is every past relationship on repeat, hoping this one won't end the same way.

It is an ending that destroys you emotionally. It’s trying to handle the pain with grace and dignity, while at the same time, you’re crying wondering about how things changed and what you did wrong. It’s blaming yourself even when everyone tells you that it wasn't your fault.

Because of anxiety, you fixate on things you wish you'd change because that’s possibly why it didn’t work out. Anxiety is striving for perfection even when it kills you.

Anxiety is every text message and not wanting to be the first one to send it.

It’s worrying how to say something properly as you care, but you don’t want to come on too weak nor too strong.

It’s the agony of longing for a response while reconsidering what you just said. It’s dying to send a second text when you know you shouldn’t.

It’s scrolling down on Facebook just to make it ten times worse. It’s never just a like or a comment or a share because you are staring at your phone worrying whether it means something more.

Anxiety tells you that your crush is ignoring you on purpose, that they don’t care, or that they're going to leave you.

Anxiety is when you believe lies that are made up in your own mind.

It is the weight lifted off your chest when they finally respond, but you still worry.

Anxiety is when you play out the worst scenario in your head so that you’re prepared for how you will respond to it.

Anxiety is expecting the worst in people, although you have the best intentions. It’s caring while being insecure of caring too much.

It is questioning and doubting, everything others say and do.

It’s finally being in a relationship, but you are paralyzed by fear of it ending, although it has just started.

Anxiety is pushing people away because you're too insecure and you think it’s for their own good.

It’s is being always on time and needing others to be the same way. It’s waiting for things to go according to the original plan and getting extremely upset when they don't.

It's when you assume that they're going to leave you because you messed up once or made a mistake. It’s being incredibly hard on yourself although you are the least judgemental person ever.

It's being painfully insecure and not being able to stop it.

Anxiety is being afraid of meeting his/her friends because you don't think they're going to like you. It is trying too hard that they sometimes don’t.

It’s worrying about drinking too much. It’s the apology the next day you didn’t even have to say.

Anxiety is needing constant reassurance.

It's your partner wrapping their arms around you when you totally break down, and they just have to keep telling you that ‘it’s fine.’ It’s somebody else being strong when you cannot be.

But it’s also the fear of letting somebody close enough to see and feel that side of you because you have always been strong for yourself and you're scared of vulnerability.

It’s the critical voice inside your mind that you hear on repeat. Even when your partner compliments you, you don’t believe it at first. And they can't understand the reason why you don’t see yourself the way they do. However, there’s something beautiful about teaching somebody to see themselves through your eyes, isn't it?

Anxiety is the beauty and appreciation of the person who truly knows you and accepts you because you're still struggling to accept yourself. It’s watching them act in a way that keeps you more at ease.

It takes time to find that rare person who can love you no matter your anxiety, and it’s not always easy. However, if you can figure out how to, you will receive a love that's unconditional. You’ll be with somebody who truly appreciates and accepts you. You will hear thank you too often, and I love you even more. It will be a love that challenges you but it'll make you realize some people are totally worth it.
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