Find Out Your Dominant Personality Trait With This Simple Test

Find Out Your Dominant Personality Trait With This Simple Test

Our brains are brilliant in figuring out an unknown idea, only if we force our mind to focus on one thing. Many self-improvement books refer to this ‘trick’ to make a new way to our goal. It’s all about discovering the real authentic answer to the unknown.

Every day, our brain connects missing dots regarding unknown situations and outcomes, and still, many of us are not even conscious about it.

For instance, if you see a ramshackled car on a parking spot, your mind will immediately try to calculate how many years this car has stayed untouched, or how come the driver just left their car to rot there.

Your mind connects dots without having any real clue.

Now, the same will happen with the test below.

In many religions, there's a construct called spirituality wheel. It's used symbolically to illustrate the different links between certain concepts and ideas.

The test explores an individual’s dominant personality trait using a spirituality wheel to represent the 4 main characteristics; kindness, humor, true grit, and prophecy.

Take the test to find out what the spirituality wheel determines as your most dominant trait!

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