Billionaire Is Giving Away Most Of His Fortune To Help Clean Plastic From The Ocean

Billionaire Is Giving Away Most Of His Fortune To Help Clean Plastic From The Ocean

Kjell Inge Røkke, one of the wealthiest men in Norway, and previously famous as “a ruthless corporate raider” is donating $2.7 billion of his fortune to create a mega-yacht that will aid cleaning plastic from the oceans.

Røkke made his money in off-shore drilling and shipping companies. However, he now aims to clean up the plastic that is destroying marine life and making the ocean a sea of death.

The billionaire wants to create a 596-foot vessel, named the REV that will clean 5 tons of plastic trash every day from waters and then melt it down, according to Norway’s Aftenposten newspaper. It would be big enough to travel around the globe to make independent expeditions gathering trash and measuring the oceans' health.

Røkke states that,

“the oceans are also under greater pressure than ever before from overfishing, coastal pollution, habitat destruction, climate change and ocean acidification, and one of the most pressing challenges of all, plasticization of the ocean. The need for knowledge and solutions is pressing.”

Boyan Slat, the 22-year-old who is planning to launch his Ocean Cleanup Project in 2018, has determined the situation of the oceans with his expeditions. The Arctic Ocean, for instance, is a dead end for billions of pieces of plastic trash.

More than 5 trillion pieces of plastic are already in our oceans, and by 2050 plastic's weight will be more than fish's in the sea, according to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's estimations.

The plastic trash also has an impact on big and small animals.

Billionaire Is Giving Away Most Of His Fortune To Help Clean Plastic From The Ocean
Polar Bear rescued from plastic-polluted habitat.

When younger, the billionaire was a fisherman. He notes that the oceans have offered him and the world in general so much, that it was time for him to give something back.

According to Business Insider, the yacht could carry 60 scientists and 40 crew. It would sometimes be used by Røkke and his family as well as possibly carry approximately 36 guests and a crew of 54 — a model that will allow him to generate extra funding for further oceanic research.

The REV would also become the biggest yacht on Earth by gross tonnage at 16,000GT, overtaking Alisher Usmanov’s Dilbar by 100GT as mentioned at the project’s website.

“The REV will be a platform for gathering knowledge,” Røkke told Business Insider. “I would like to welcome researchers, environmental groups, and other institutions on board, to acquire new skills to evolve innovative solutions to address challenges and opportunities connected to the seas.”

Images' sources: Eco Watch, The Atlantic

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