5 Uncommon Strengths Exhibited By The Emotionally Neglected

5 Uncommon Strengths Exhibited By The Emotionally Neglected

There’s something to be said about those who are consistently emotionally neglected. You’ve probably been one such a person at some point in your life. I know both my younger brother and I were emotionally neglected by our father when we were kids. We’re the type to never want any sort of help. Our heads were held high, but our spirits were low.

Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN) is when a child grows up in a household feeling as though their feelings don’t matter enough to those around them. Feelings that stem from CEN include self-blame, self-directed anger, and low self-compassion.

The emotionally neglected are resilient people, however. Here are five uncommon strengths of the emotionally neglected:

Independent – Growing up, you were always there for yourself and knew that if there was anyone you could rely on, it was you. Childhood was a form of training, preparing you for a life of self-reliance. You always figured things out on your own, so now as an adult you prefer to do things yourself.

Compassionate – Just because your feelings often went ignored when you were younger, it didn’t mean that your feelings for others ever stopped. Emotionally neglected kids tend to be detached from their own feelings, yet highly sensitive toward other people’s feelings. Their compassion allows them to create powerful healing and bonding forces.

Giving – As a kid you learned quickly not to ask for things because you were either flat out told no or you were told yes, but then it never happened. As an adult, you truly enjoy giving to others, but you don’t ask for much in return, something that comes with independence and compassion.

Flexible – You always had to adapt to every situation in your youth because you were never consulted on what you wanted or needed, you were simply given what you were given and that was that. As a result, you’re neither pushy nor demanding; you like to go with the flow of things.

Likable – People who suffered from CEN are typically some of the most likable people around. They’re selfless by nature and are usually the ones sought out when their peers need advice or support. They can be relied on, whether you’re a stranger or a family member, they’ve got your back.

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Source: Psyche Central
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