10 Famous Greek Words You Use Everyday

10 Famous Greek Words You Use Everyday

Most of you already know that many words, that are widely spread across many different languages, derive from the Greek vocabulary. For example the words "philosophy", "mathematics", "physics", "geometry", "music", "melody", "technology", "biology", "logic" and more were created by the Greeks. But did you know that "yes" is a Greek word too? And what about the words "turbo" and "kiss"?

Here are 10 Greek words that are famous in the whole world:


"Turbo" is related with devices and engines. However, it comes from the ancient Greek word “τύρβη” which means “twirl / noise from turbulence". “Τύρβη” was also a local religious celebration in in honor of god Dionysos.


Even if someone doesn't speak English at all, they still know what the word "yes" means. What they don't know is that "yes" comes from the ancient Greek "γε" ("ye"), which also means "of course".


"Sponsor" is a really famous word. Some people think that it's an English word, when it's actually Greek. It comes from the verb "σπένδω" which means "I offer".


It comes from the Greek word "παῦσις" which means "stop". The English word sounds almost like the Greek one.


"Carat" is used for measuring gemstones and pearls. It is possible that it's also a Greek word, coming from the word "κεράτιον" which means "the small horn", but it is also used to measure small objects.


That's a fun one! Linguists argue over whether the English word "kiss" comes from the ancient Greek verb "κυνέω" which means... "I kiss". However, some researchers claim that Indo-European "ku" was used by latin and English language. The theory is based on the fact that a kiss' meaning was of key religious importance at what concerns nations' worship.


Astrology also plays its part in the history of words. The English word "disaster" comes from the compination of the words "dis" (Latin) and "ἀστήρ" (Greek). It means the "misadventure" as we know it from the adverse position of a star in astrology.


If you love European football, then you certainly know this word. It comes from the Greek word "Αἴᾱς", a mythical hero of Trojan War. It's weird, however, that Ajax is also the brand name of a cleaner!


If you're hungry after reading all these words, then here's a tasty word. The famous word "marmalade" comes from Latin "melimelum" which comes from the Greek words "μέλι" and "μῆλον" which mean "honey" and "apple" - but "μῆλον" also used to refer to exotic fruits.


We all know what a mentor is. In ancient Greek mythology, however, Mentor ("Μέντωρ") was Ulysses's friend and Telemachus' advisor, in Homer's Ulysses. Now mentor is a wise man.

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