Student Was Asked About “Hell” On An Exam. You Have To Read His Priceless Answer!


Student Was Asked About “Hell” On An Exam. You Have To Read His Answer! - This is his Priceless Answer...

Sometimes young people can be so profoundly clever!

When a chemistry professor added an unusual bonus question to an exam, no one could know how students would respond.

The following question was given on a University of Washington chemistry mid-term:

Bonus Question: Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)?

Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle’s Law (gas cools when it expands and heats when it is compressed) or some variant.

One student, however, wrote something so profound that the professor thought it deserved to be shared.

This is the student’s answer:

This student received an A+!

Student Was Asked About “Hell” On An Exam. You Have To Read His Answer!



  1. Prove hell exists. .-.
    You aint proving nutn

    1. If your comment was to make fun of religion allow me to show you the hole in your comment...ahem...prove that we just disappear after death. cant do that either can you? fact is you can no more prove the atheist view on death anymore than religion can prove theirs. we'll all find out one day though and by then it wont matter who was wrong or right, so why should it now?

    2. Saying, "I don't know" is an acceptable, logical answer. Making stuff up to threaten other people with, is not. THAT is why it matters.

    3. Nicolas: Well at first sadly or luckly religion can prove nothing because you just must have to believe. Just simple population control and abuse of spirital world what is related to no religion.

    4. I'm not saying religion in history was right. believe me i've studied history quite well and know full well the atrocities religious believers committed in the name of their god however the belief in an after life transcends believing in god or allah or some other"divine being". I am simply saying that while blind believe in a religion can neither prove or disprove the existence of an after life neither can atheists prove that there is none. its a simple fact that we will only find out when we inevitably die. who knows for all we know heaven could be a real place and we all go there when we die and our personal heaven is based on what we believe. if we believe that we just disappear then that's what happens in our personal heaven, those who believe in an afterlife get the afterlife of their choosing. and Gabriel, it only matters because you wish to change another's view. this is a sign of ignorance, instead of just accepting the fact that you cannot control what people choose to believe and just let them live their life the way they choose you choose to berate them for believing in what you believe is an imaginary god, of course that's assuming that is what you do if you do not then i apologize.also as far as my statement is concerned saying "I don't know" is a logical answer since it is physically impossible for us to know and return with that knowledge however even though it is a logical answer it still gives and answer either way and that answer is that you cant prove it. again you can no more prove the atheist view any more than believers can prove theirs. Netspider, actually population control was not a part of holy roman empire doctrines or even as far as today is concerned. originally the church used its power to establish control in general, not control of the population but control of the populace. it used their authority to do what many today would consider to be illegal even by modern christians. the bible at the time was written in latin and just about everyone aside from the clerics and the pope could read and write latin everyone else spoke and read italian and some didnt read at all. this lead many clerics who would preach the "word of god" to actually preach of what the church wanted everyone to believe. its wasn't until the King James version came around and the bible was translated from botched latin to even more botched olde english. this is when the church started loosing control. the church today is only still around due to the followers that still believe. with inquisitions gone they no longer have the ability to use fear to control the masses, they no longer can falsely accuse a man of heresy and burn him in front of everyone and claim that satan destroys lives. those things happened yes however they are not a representation of the church today. the church today is a fragmented shadow of its former self, the only thing keeping itself together is the beliefs that the church once pushed however for these people that is their way, we have no right to control another into believing anything. Once we start trying to control others and change their beliefs we are no better than the church. its their right to choose what they wish to believe in and that must be repsected, and that goes for christians as well the bible even says that mankind is free to believe in what we want so christians have no right berating us either. we need to learn tolerance on both sides.

    5. holy shit i didn't realize how much i wrote until i posted it.

    6. LOL, yes, that was quite the wall of text! I agree with what you said, in principle, but history has shown, clearly, that most religions don't follow that. At one point in time, people naively thought Apollo dragged the sun across the sky or that Zeus was responsible for lightning during a storm. Science eventually proved otherwise. Believing in an afterlife is just another example of mankind's want/need/desire to understand the unknowable. You are correct, we don't know with any degree of certainty what happens after we die. That's where it should end. Making things up is intellectually dishonest. And while it's fine to let others believe what they want to believe is all well and good, again, that's not what most religions do. They want to push those beliefs on others. And history has shown this happen time and time again. Sorry, but that is not acceptable and we shouldn't turn a blind eye to it or we will be doomed to repeat our past mistakes. It's time to put away those childish things.

    7. I agree making things up is intellectually dishonest however the reason behind it lies more along the lines of psychology and not actual science. like you said they make things up to understand the unknown. even today the unknown is still out there. even you agree that we cant know what happens after death and that fear drives people to do irrational things. the belief that there is an afterlife is mankind's desire to still remain even after death. even you gotta admit that the though of living through life only to just have our bodies rot in the ground in the end is a little disheartening.and i agree that most religion do wish to push their beliefs on other and i agree that is wrong however the things I've seen atheists do to christians are no better, each tries to force their beliefs onto the other and that needs to stop.

  2. There are no postulates in science, science by definition is just what we can OBSERVE from our god given 5 senses that is taken for granted. So by definition, God is outside the realm of science. Someone who can be observed by these 5 senses which defines how we interact in this world could not have created these senses.

    But from the FACTS that we know about this life:

    We are here involuntarily.

    We cannot stop ourselves from dying.

    We have a uniform life of about 70 years in which we observe the world using the same 5 senses, where there is a uniform concept of right and wrong.

    My conclusion from these facts:

    The purpose of an involuntary uniform lifetime where there is a uniform concept of right and wrong is to be judged.

  3. Well there are religions that does not say 'its my way or hell'. There are religions that says 'hell' is not some permanent resident status and that a soul would transform into the next life after a while. And there are religions that is a tad more than apollo dragging the sun and some of its amazing scientific leaps and discoveries long before we found it out again in the modern world baffles us. Also there were attrocities and violence before religions and there will be violence even if there isnt any religion. One is barking at the wrong tree if one thinks 'religion' is the root of all evil or if atheism will solve everything. We would still fight, we would still have violence and superstitions. The root lies in us. The trait in human beings to be divisive, cause violence etc. Religion or atheism is just an excuse and an ignorant reason to hang on to/ blame. Lines like 'the all powerful god forbids you to believe in anything but this book' isnt helping either! I agree. But there are others that doesnt say such things. But trust me, we would still fight even without those lines, even with a better book or without a book!

  4. no matter soul is exothermic or endothermic ,let us take a deep understanding on soul.soul can neither be created nor be destroyed by humans. it has no mass neither it occupied space so it is not a number of population of soul cannot effect the rate of hell is freezing or burning no matter but it is a place that gives pain so it is compare to fire., because fire is dangerous thing to mankind, it has also merit things but it depends on our proper use.

  5. I don't think the student meant anything for or against religion.
    He just theorized an answer with his accumulated knowledge and the condition of where his mind was.
    I thought it was brilliant and funny and I'm sure that's the way he meant it!

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  7. Student Was Asked About “Hell” On An Exam. You Have To Read His Priceless Answer!

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Thinking Humanity: Student Was Asked About “Hell” On An Exam. You Have To Read His Priceless Answer!
Student Was Asked About “Hell” On An Exam. You Have To Read His Priceless Answer!
This student received an A+!!+-+This+is+his+Priceless+Answer....jpg!+-+This+is+his+Priceless+Answer....jpg
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