If You Lost A Woman Who Truly Loved You, Then This Is For You

If You Lost A Woman Who Truly Loved You, Then This Is For You

Well done, you managed to lose her. That one woman who was willing to cross oceans for you.

You pushed away from you the very person who'd do almost anything to be with you. She'd never ask for anything except one reason to stay, some proof that you wanted her and that there'd be a future for you both. But, you failed to provide that, and now, she is gone.

She did not care that you were not rich or that you did not drive a fancy car; all she ever wanted was to be your lady. She did not care that you had flaws because she had flaws of her own.

The months you spent together made her fall for you, but you chose to stay blind to the fact that she chose you no matter what her friends were saying. All she ever needed was for you to return her love which she so freely gave to you.

All you needed to do was treat her right. There was truly no need for diamonds and roses, or candlelit dinners and expensive spoils. She had a big heart whose only desire was to be loved and respected.

You loved that you did not have to put in the effort, you loved that she chose you day after day. All she wanted was for you to look at her the same way she looked at you.

You became comfortable, but that was your mistake. You chose to keep the walls you built around your heart up, never letting her in. You decided to keep her at arm’s length while all she did was ask that you let her in.

This woman gave you the key to her heart, but you decided to take it without anything in return.

You loved that she stayed, even when you told her to go.

The truth is, you were too scared to let her in, maybe it was because you felt vulnerable, or perhaps it was because you had been hurt before. Although she showed you time and time again that she was different, you chose to paint her with the same paintbrush you used to paint the women of your past.

You loved having her as arm candy, to show her off to your friends. You loved this more than you loved her.

She made you her priority when all you ever did was make her one of your options.

While she gave you her hand, you took her arm. You prayed upon her weakness for you. You ended up taking her for granted.

She's stick by your side during the darkest of days. She stayed faithful to the commitment she made to you, you did not care though because you never committed to her.

And then, one day she decided enough was enough, so she left.

She stopped answering your calls, and she stopped going to the places you used to go to. You managed to lose her when you decided that she was not good enough and you did that by choosing yourself over your relationship time and again.

Your lack of gratitude and appreciation for her became apparent after she realized that she was trying to get your attention.

Well done, you made a woman feel the sting of loneliness while in your company.

The thing is, you won't find any woman to treat you the way she did.

She was one of a kind, but you chose not to see that.

Now that she has gone, you’ll be looking for her in every other woman you come across, the only thing is, you will not find her. She was truly unique, not only because of who she was but also because of the way she loved you through thick and thin.

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