Scary Footage Of Airplane Flying Towards Buildings In Australia

Scary Footage Of Airplane Flying Towards Buildings In Australia

While sitting in a high-rise office building, you would definitely not expect to see a giant Boeing C-17 plane just meters away from the window.

However, that's precisely what happened to one horrified bunch of office workers in Australia.

The stunt was captured on camera, with the airplane scary onlookers as it got too close for comfort as it flew narrowly in between buildings.

I mean, you'd probably rather not encounter that sight during a peek out of the windows, right? 'Come work in our office,' they said. 'Admire the views from the 30th floor,' they said. AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENS.

The video depicts the airplane - a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) C-17, which was in rehearsal for Brisbane's Riverfire airshow at the South Bank parklands - flying scarily close to the buildings. Fortunately, it adjusts its trajectory at the very last minute to avoid a collision. So that's... ok, I guess?

Scary Footage Of Airplane Flying Towards Buildings In Australia

Scary Footage Of Airplane Flying Towards Buildings In Australia


Scary Footage Of Airplane Flying Towards Buildings In Australia


Oh, wait, no it isn't, according to the public. Although the incident was only a stunt, it's left a lot of people on social media unhappy, with someone slamming the event as 'unnecessarily stupid and dangerous.'

Another person commented: "All it would take is a small mistake, and those buildings and people would be toast."

Take a look at some other people's responses:

"Unless both pilots had a synchronized heart attack or catastrophic plane failure, nobody was in any danger."

"I am not saying this is not well thought out."

Riverfire is an annual festival held in the city of Brisbane, with a finale based around thousands of firecrackers and some insane flybys - for which that particular C-17 was preparing when the incident occurred.

Storms rolled out across the southeast of Australia during parts of the flyovers, but that didn't faze the viewers, who enjoyed the crazy views - apparently after the initial shock of the close-flying C-17 calmed down.

Despite weather and the C-17 shock the occasion brought an estimated 500,000 people to the river's edge and was reported to be one of 'the best firework displays of all time.' Hyperbolic or not, sounds like all had a great time.

Unless you worked in those offices.

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