16 Fundamental Differences Between Nice Guys And Good Men

16 Fundamental Differences Between Nice Guys And Good Men

Do you think you're a nice guy or a good man?

If it seems like a weird question, then bear with me for a second, because there are distinct differences between those two. Here are 16 of these differences:

1) A nice guy would lie to avoid the discomfort of revealing an ugly truth. A good man would deliver the truth, however harsh because his integrity would not let him deceive anybody for his own comfort.

2) A nice guy would do kind things only because he has unspoken expectations. He would take a woman on a romantic date, expecting to get something in return. On the other hand, a good man does things without expecting a payoff, but because he's acting by his core values. Should he receive a return, it is simply a bonus for him.

3) A nice guy worries about his reputation. A good man is concerned with his behavior only.

4) A nice guy is afraid of rejection and, therefore, he seeks validation. A good man is self-validated and doesn't tie his worth to whether he's accepted or rejected.

5) A nice guy would cloak his intentions and be unclear, whereas a good man would be upfront with his plans and be very clear about his aims. A good man leaves no space for ambiguity.

6) A nice guy will have loose boundaries and will bend over backward just to seem kind. A good man has clear boundaries and, plus, earns the respect of those around him.

7) A nice guy would smother his current love interest and would make her the center of his universe. On the other hand, a good man would give proper attention to a lover but without becoming overbearing.

8) A nice guy would blame others, circumstances, or just fate for his lot in life. However, a good man would recognize his role in whatever has transpired, take responsibility and, if necessary, redirect his course.

9) A nice guy would make lofty promises to seem good while a good man would only make the promises he knows that he can keep.

10) A nice guy would play the knight in shining armor but is quick to vanish when sh*t gets real. Nevertheless, a good man knows it isn't his job to rescue anybody but will show up and have your back when you need him.

11) A nice guy would discard anything and anyone that's no longer useful to him. A good man would respect another persons’ inherent dignity, and he'd treat them kindly even unless they have a role or purpose in his life-plan.

12) A nice guy lacks leadership abilities, so he is content to let others guide his life. On the contrary, a good man takes charge of his life. He becomes the master of his fate.

13) A nice guy would do anything to avoid hurting somebody’s feelings while a good man would realize that sometimes, the nicest thing one can do for another might initially be hurtful, but would eventually be helpful.

14) A nice guy would say what others want to hear whereas a good man would say what others need to hear.

15) A nice guy wouldn’t apologize even when he is wrong because he thinks it would make him weak. A good man, however, is quick with apologies and even quicker with reparations.

16) A nice guy usually lives in service of himself and his desires. A good man lives to service humanity.

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