This Is How Your Body Knows When You've Met Your True Love

This Is How Your Body Knows When You've Met Your True Love

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When it comes to heart matters, we’ve come to realize that the best thing is to trust our gut. We often hear stories about how others met their true love and how they immediately felt that they were the ones with whom they were meant to spend the rest of their lives.

When we look at Hollywood’s portrayal of romance and relationships we see that when the young lady finds her Prince Charming her heart begins to beat fast and she has butterflies in her stomach.

But, is this real? Or does Hollywood create portrayals of love only for money-making purposes? A study from Rutgers University showed how love affects the human body, and what chemical reactions occur when our body senses that we love someone. The study compared those changes with the ones that occur when someone takes drugs. The connection was undeniable.

Therefore, being in love feels like we are ‘high on drugs’ since the euphoric state we are in consumes us completely.

Here are ten body signs that indicate that you’ve finally met the person with whom you can spend the rest of your life.


Your gut feeling is real, and you need to listen to it. It indicates whether you are in a loving and positive relationship which has a future to look forward to, or you've just stuck in a rut and you're only wasting your time. If you have an inner feeling that something does not add up and is not right, then you need to pay attention and do not ignore your intuition.


Ask yourself this: When you're with your partner, do they excite you and make you feel ready to take on the world? Or, do they drain your energy and make you feel insecure? Your true love will inspire you, motivate you, and encourage you to become the best version of yourself.


If you feel any pain, and this pain becomes relieved by the thought of your lover and your relationship with them, then it's a clear sign that your partner affects you in the right way. This relief often comes from the euphoria you sense while you're thinking about your love, which is just like a natural painkiller.


We can all agree that all relationships need work. On the other hand, when you meet your right person, everything just falls into place, and you don't feel like you are trying too hard to save the relationship. That makes you feel calm and peaceful.


Sex is an essential aspect of every relationship. If you often find yourself getting aroused just by thinking about your partner, then your body is approving them.


When you find yourself to be more affectionate, warm, and vulnerable whenever you are with your partner, it's a sign that you are comfortable and safe in their presence. But, if you turn cold and close off when you're with them, then it's a clear sign that you need to move on.


With the right person, you'll optimistically look to the future and feel excited about it. You'll both plan many beautiful things. You strongly believe in the future of your relationship, which creates feelings of enthusiasm and genuine happiness.


Your partner undoubtedly influences your life. However, what matters is whether this influence is positive or negative. Someone who genuinely cares for you will always help you to make healthier choices. For example, they would inspire you to quit smoking, eat healthier, be more physically active, or find a new hobby.


When you love someone, you sense a connection with them which goes far beyond the physical. You connect with them on a deep emotional level. You feel what your partner is feeling, and you both make efforts to make each other emotionally happy and fulfilled. This true empathy from both sides is an indication that you have the right partner by your side.


If your partner makes you feel excited and you're looking forward to meeting them, then you can experience some symptoms on your body which are similar to anxiety; such as, for example, your heart beating faster, your hands sweating, or your cheeks flushing.

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